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YABBY YOU (1946 - 2010)

JESUS DREAD 1972 - 1977 / Includes: CONQUERING LION (1972)

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1972 - 1977 - Blood & Fire - studio - discs: 2

Yabby You was born Vivian Jackson in 1946 (some say 1950) in Kingston. The extra-ordinary career of this artist started in 1972 when he recorded two songs: "Conquering Lion" and "Love Thy Neighbours". Even if these tracks were pressed in a small quantity he was able to earn some money and start his own label in 1974: Prophets. Since the beginning those tracks got the deserved attention and soon they began to be considered as classics. The "Conquering Lion" set (1972) was a collection of 45s previously released. Later productions brought the attention to some new and interesting artists as Wayne Wade, Patrick Andy, Tony Tuff, Charlie Morrison, Willi Williams, Junior Brown and Michael Prophet. He also produced some deejay versions of his own rhythms. Unfortunately the great Big Youth worked only once with Yabby. That happened on a great version of "Conquering Lion" called "Yabby Youth". Trinity, Dillinger, Tappa Zukie and Jah Stitch toasted for Yabby too. His imprint on edgy 70's Roots is undenyable, actually enormous. Yabby was a dovoted Rastafarian with an unorthodox approach: he replaced the central figure of Haile Selassie I with Jesus. That is were his moniker "Jesus Dread" comes from. This two discs compilation from the unreplaceable Blood & Fire label presents fortyeight (!) tracks. The first disc is centered on the "Conquering Lion" debut set (presented entirely), adding very rare material as Dubs, instrumentals and toasting versions. The second one (focusing on the 1976-1977 years, with some tracks taken from the 1977 album "Walls Of Jerusalem", also known as "Chant Down Babylon Kingdom" or "King Tubby Meet Vivian Jackson" or "Vivian Jackson Meets King Tubby") presents various material credited to Yabby and his vocal group, the Prophets. More than that you can find tracks from Wayne Wade, Errol Alphonso and Michael Rose. But that is not enough since the UK label presents some unreleased material from Tommy McCook (legendary Skatalites cofounder) and some Dubs from King Tubby too. So let us start to explore Disc one. It opens with "Love Thy Neighbour", released in 1972 and credited to Yabby and The Defenders this song would appear in the same year in the "Conquering Lion" set. Bunny Wailer is on percussions and Dirty Harry is on horns. Follows "Conquering Lion", a classic credited to Vivian Jackson and the Ralph Brothers. The track was of course released in the "Conquering Lion" set. This Yabby trademark is followed by three versions. The first comes from Tommy McCook and Don D. Junior and called "Fisherman Special" (1975). The second is the stellar and dark "Yabby Youth" from Big Youth and Yabby. The third is "Big Youth Fights Against Capitalism", a special treat from King Tubby. The sixth song comes again from "Conquering Lion" album and is called "Covetous Man". It is credited to Vivian Jackson and the Prophets. The following song is "Run Come Rally" (1974), again credited to Vivian Jackson and the Prophets. It is followed by Lee "Scratch" Perry's Dub treatement called "Rally Dub" (1974) cut at the legendary Black Ark. This is the original B-side. The nineth song, again from Vivian Jackson and the Prophets and released in "Conquering Lion" album, is "Anti Christ". Almost a Rocksteady, it benefits from an strong mix and lyrichs. The following three tracks reprise the "Conquering Lion" rhythm. The first is called "God Is Watching You" (1974). This version with new horns added comes from Dicky Burton. The second comes from Augustus Pablo and Yabby and is called "Pablo Dread In A Red". The third is a version from King Tubby and is called "King Tubby's Rock". The false start features Yabby and Winston Jarrett on mic. The thirteenth song is the powerful "Warn The Nation" from the Prophets. This beautiful track is followed by King Tubby's Dub called "Honey Dub". The fifteenth song is "Carnal Mind" from Vivian Jackson and the Prophets and released in "Conquering Lion" set. The following track, again from "Conquering Lion" is called "Love Of Jah" and is followed by King Tubby's "Love Of Jah Version". The eighteenth song is "The Man Who Does The Work", credited to Vivian Jackson and the Prophets and also from the "Conquering Lion" album. Follows the ten stars "Jah Vengeance" from Vivian Jackson and the Sons of Jah. This trademark and one of the high peaks inside of Yabby's career was released in 1975. The rhythm was cut at Perry's Black Ark. The following five tracks are versions of this rhythm. The first track is Tommy McCook's "Revenge" take. Powerful with his horn touch, Tommy provides an unique interpretation of that classic. The second version comes from Dillinger with "Freshly". Follows Tappa Zukie's "Natty Dread On The Mountain Top". The third toaster to appear here is Trinity with "Gwan And Lef Me". The fifth version is a Dub called "Tubby's Vengeance", from Tubby. Disc one closes with "Death Trap" by Tommy McCook. A powerful track cut at the Black Ark. Disc two opens with Wayne Wade's "Man Of The Living". Could literally sound unbelievable, but when Wayne cut this track is was only thirteen. It is followed by Tubby's "King Tubby's Special". Wade is back with the third track called "Lord Of Lords" (1976), a version of the classic "Conquering Lion" rhythm. As before it is followed by Tubby's Dub called "Lord Dub". The fifth song is "Chant Jah Victory" by Errol Alphonso. Again Tubby provides the Dub with "Jah Victory Dub", a very good take uplifted by the Soul Syndicate. The seventh track, from Vivian Jackson and the Prophets, is "Walls Of Jerusalem", the opening track of the album from the same name. Again as with the previous tracks Tubby provides the Dub version: here is "Jerusalem Dub". The nineth track is "King Pharoah's Plague" (discomix version), by the Prophets and Trinity. Powerful combination of Yabby's atmospheres and Trinity toasting. It is followed by three versions. The first comes from Tommy McCook's "Plague Of Horn". The second (again from the "Walls Of Jerusalem" set) is called "King Pharoah Dub" and is a Tubby creation. The third track comes from the duo Trinity and Dillinger (actually the latter is only on introduction) and it is called "Jesus Dread". The thirteenth song, again form the Prophets and Trinity, is called "Chant Down Babylon Kingdom" (discomix version). It is followed by Tubby's "Chanting Dub" and by a version from Tommy McCook called "Hornsman Chant". The sixteenth track is "Fire In A Kingston" by Vivian Jackson and the Prophets. This rhythm was provided by Sly and Robbie at Channel One. Is is followed by Tubby's "Fire Dub". Both comes from the "Walls Of Jerusalem" set. The eighteenth song is "Judgement On The Land", again by Vivian Jackson and the Prophets. The rhythm was cut at Lee Perry's Black Ark. Its powerful Dub is "Repatriation Rock" from Tubby with Prince Jammy also involved. Another version, not presented here, comes from Jah Stitch and can be found in his "Original Ragga Muffin 1975-1977" set (Blood & Fire label). Follows "Deliver Me From My Enemies" by Vivian Jackson and the Prophets. The following track is called "Born Free" (discomix version), by Michael Rose (lead singer of Black Uhuru). This extended version features an impressive Tubby's treatment. The disc closes with Tubby's "Love Thy Neighbour". This Dub version of track one, disc one, is the last statement of this compilation. What to say? The present double discs collection is masterfully edited. Its booklet is full of informations and details about the tracks collected and about Yabby too. It is for sure among the best releases from the sadly gone Blood & Fire british label. So if it happens that you see a copy around do not esitate a second: buy it immediately. What about its contents? This is really a top collection. Its second disc is basecally full of unmissable music. The first explores also great tracks, but in comparison to disc two it lacks that powerful result. At the end the final words should be referred to Yabby You. When involved in producing or delivering his own music, the result was always centered on solemn music and lyrics. I must admit that especially for the new comers, to approach and appreciate this material is not an easy thing, but once you get it, the message and the vibes will last! This is pure old style darker than dark Roots music! This is dread "Jesus Dread"! Vivian's name will last forever.

List of the tracks in the original "Conquering Lion" set:

Run Come Rally
Jah Vengeance
Conquering Lion
Covetious Men
Anti Christ
Carnal Mind
Jah Love
Love Thy Neighbour
Love Of Jah
The Man Who Does The Work

Disc 1:

1. Yabby U - Love Thy Neighbour
2. Yabby U - Conquering Lion
3. Tommy McCook & Vin Gordon - Fisherman Special
4. Big Youth & Yabby U - Yabby Youth
5. King Tubby - Big Youth Fights Against Capitolism
6. Yabby U - Covetous Man
7. Yabby U - Run Come Rally
8. Lee Perry - Rally Dub
9. Yabby U - Anti Christ
10. Dicky Burton - God Is Watching You
11. Augustus Pablo & Yabby U - Pablo Dread In A Red
12. King Tubby - King Tubby's Rock (Dub)
13. Prophets - Warn The Nation
14. King Tubby - Honey Dub
15. Yabby U - Carnal Mind
16. Yabby U - Love Of Jah
17. King Tubby - Love Of Jah Version
18. Yabby U - The Man Who Does The Work
19. Yabby U - Jah Vengeance
20. Tommy McCook - Revenge
21. Dillinger - Freshly
22. Tappa Zukie - Natty Dread On The Mountain Top
23. Trinity - Gwan Anf Lef Me
24. King Tubby - Tubby's Vengeance
25. Tommy McCook - Death Trap

Disc 2:

1. Wayne Wade - Man Of The Living
2. King Tubby - King Tubby's Special
3. Wayne Wade - Lord Of Lords
4. King Tubby - Lord Dub
5. Errol Alphonso - Chant Jah Victory
6. King Tubby - Jah Victory Dub
7. Yabby U - Walls Of Jerusalem
8. King Tubby - Jerusalem Dub
9. Prophets & Trinity - King Pharoah's Plague (discomix)
10. Tommy McCook - Plague Of Horn
11. King Tubby - King Pharoah Dub
12. Trinity & Dillinger - Jesus Dread
13. Prophets & Trinity - Chant Down Babylon (discomix)
14. King Tubby - Chanting Dub
15. Tommy McCook - Hornsman Chant
16. Yabby U - Fire In A Kingston
17. King Tubby - Fire Dub
18. Yabby U - Judgement On The Land
19. King Tubby - Repatriation Rock
20. Yabby U - Deliver Me From My Enemies
21. Michael Rose - Born Free (discomix)
22. King Tubby - Love Thy Neighbour (version)



* * * *

1976 - Blood & Fire - studio - discs: 2

Vivian "Yabby U" Jackson and Osbourne "King Tubby" Ruddock meet here for some top quality Dub. Starting from the originals of the "Conquering Lion" set (1972) from Yabby, Tubby explores new musical shining territories. Tubby's musical genius adds a new dimension to the already existing top quality material, and thanks to his unique visionary approach the result is amazing. Working over Aston "Family Man" Barrett and Robbie Shakespeare heavy bass lines, Tubby builts a rich structure using delay and reverbs. The resulting material is that of quoting the original track atmospheres and expand them indefinetly. Sometimes Dubs need to be heared along with their originals, but in this case they are able to breath alone without their counterparts to support them. That is one of the reasons why Tubby was an innovator and one of the great visionaries by the mixing board. The present set clearly demonstrates this. This set was originally released in five hundred copies only.



* * * *

1977-1979 - Blood & Fire - studio - discs: 1

"Deliver Me From My Enemies" (1977) closes the trilogy that started in 1975 with "Conquering Lion" and was followed by the set from 1976 called "Walls Of Jerusalem". Some of the material presented here is part of the History of the Jamaican music. Tracks as the title track "Deliver Me From My Enemies" (presented here with its B-side), "Blood A Go Run Down", "Judgement Time" or "Zion Gate" are more than mere Reggae, they are classics. The rest if compared to the previous albums is a little bit inferior, and a careful approach to the "Jesus Dread" compilation from Blood & Fire should confirm this. In any case this is one of the great efforts from Yabby. This release contains some very interesting bonus material. "Jah Vengeance" is a 12" mix of that classic and here we have Trinity toasting tough and rough. The second track is "Free Africa", again a 12" featuring the Dj. Follows "Babylon A Fall", a 12" credited to the Prophets. The fourth track, a version of the previous one, comes from Tony Tuff and is called "Falling Babylon". This set was recorded at Channel One and mixed at King Tubby's by Prince Jammy.



* * * /

1976-1979 - Blood & Fire - studio - discs: 1

"Dub It To The Top - 1976-1979" from the British Blood & Fire label is actually the re-release of a 1977 King Tubby mixed set called "Yabby You Meets Michael Prophet: Vocal & Dub". This reissue also adds eight bonus tracks: seven 45s of Yabby You from that period plus a 12" b-side featuring the great Tommy McCook. Around 1977 Yabby started to release tracks from different artists, Michael Prophet was one of them. In 1979 Yabby released two sets from Michael: "Serious Reasoning" and "Know The Right". Other two sets plus the one presented here gave further exposure to Michael. Those sets were: "Michael Prophet In Disco Showcase" and "Yabby You And Michael Prophet Meet Scientist At Dub Station". The material presented in "Yabby You Meets Michael Prophet: Vocal & Dub" was recorded and at Channel One, plus one track cut at Lee "Scratch" Perry's Black Ark. Then the tracks were mixed by King Tubby and Prince Jammy. As often happens with reissues the tracklist differs from the original set. Now let us give some details on the tracks of "Yabby You Meets Michael Prophet: Vocal & Dub" following the original list. The original ten tracks set opens with "Mash Down Rome Dub". This Dub versions Michael Prophet's "Love & Unity", a song featured in the "Serious Reasoning" set from 1979. Follows "Conscious Man Dub", reprising "Conscious Man" again from the "Serious Reasoning" set. The third track is "Humanity Dub" which versions "Here I Prayer", also from "Serious Reasoning". Follows "Turn Me Loose Dub", a Dub of "Turn Me Loose" also from "Serious Reasoning". The side one closes with "Warn Them Jah Dub", a Dub of "Warn Them" again from the "Serious Reasoning" set. The second side opens with "Rock Me Darling Dub", is a Dub version of a song from Delano Stewart. This same track was already recut by Johnny Clarke for Bunny Lee in 1974. Follows "Praise You Jah Jah Dub", a Dub of one of the first hits from Michael "Praise You Jah Jah" (already a version of the Heptones "Fight It To The Top"). The third track is "Zambia Dub" (featuring Jah Walton, later renamed Joseph Cotton). The rhythm is "Shank Kai Shek", a classic from the Ska era originally cut by Baba Brooks for King Edwards the Giant and later recut by Bobby Ellis. Follows "Heads A Roll Dub" is a Dub of Yabby You & The Prophets' "Blood A Go Run Down King Street", originally released inside Yabby's "Deliver Me From My Enemies" set from 1977. The set closes with "Tribal War Dub", a heavy Dub version of the Prophets' "No Tribal War" recorded at the Black Ark. So here we are with a Dub set that reprises five songs from the album "Serious Reasoning" and closes with an unique background sound coming from the Perry's Studio. Whoever put hands on the mixing board after the recording (Tubby, Jammy ?), intentionally or not did not to erase that particular dark athmosphere that only the Black Ark was able to provide. It is as if Perry's ghost keeps an eye on the final result. Coming back to "Yabby You Meets Michael Prophet: Vocal & Dub", the first side is a little bit monotonous (maybe because all the five tracks come from the same source) but the second side is more diversified and therefore more interesting. The re-release from Blood & Fire, as stated above, adds eight tracks. Let us here follow the tracklist. "Zambia" and "Revolution Conference" were released together as a 45 in 1976. Follows "Steppin' High" featuring the tenor sax of Tommy McCook. This track was origianlly issued as a b-side to Trinity's "Blessed Are The Meek". As expected Tommy shines, for sure the best saxophonist in the history of the Jamaican music. The fourth bonus track is "Vengeance In Dub", a "steppers" recut of the classic "Jah Vengeance" from Yabby. Follows "Mount Zion Version", is the b-side of Patrick Andy's 7" "Living In Mount Zion". This sort of clone of Horace Andy is actually quite frightening: when I listened to this track for the first time to this song, I was driving and my mind was focused on safety matters. With my brain thinking about the road, my ears said that this was Horace. The sixth track is "Achieving Dub", originally the b-side of Junior Brown's "I Must Achieve What Is Mine". Follows "No Tarry Yah Version", the b-side of Tony Tuff's "Warrior No Tarry Yah" 7". Here the cofounder of African Brothers, along with Sugar Minott and Derrick Howard, toasts over his own vocal track. The last bonus is "Dub It To The Top", a b-side of Michael Prophet's "Fight To The Top". This was originally a version of the Heptones "Heptones Gonna Fight". So here we are. At the end the bonus tracks are almost better than the side one of the "Yabby You Meets Michael Prophet: Vocal & Dub" set. In any case "Dub It To The Top - 1976-1979" offers eighteen tracks from the great Yabby You. Maybe not as good as expected, but for sure some gems can be found around.



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1976-1978 - Pressure Sounds - studio - discs: 1

"Deeper Roots" is a collection of singles from the second half of the 70s. As usual the B-sides present the Dub version. Unfortunetely many Yabby You singles were released in a very small quantity therefore here we have the opportunity to listen to some great singles for the first time. Moreover the collection presents many unknown or almost unknown cuts. The disc opens with "Valley of Joeasaphat" by Smith & The Prophets, followed by its Dub version called "Joeasaphat Rock". The group was originally frmed by Alrick Forbes and Bobby Melody, later replaced by Dada Smith. The third track is "Thanks and Praise", a powerful Dub by King Tubby. This track and the eighteenth called "Poor and Needy Dubwise" belong to the "King Tubby's Prophecy of Dub" sessions from 1676. Starting from the originals of the "Conquering Lion" set (1972) from Yabby, Tubby delivers some exteremely interesting Dub versions based on the originals released in the Yabby You album. The fourth track is the strong "Don’t Touch I Dread" by Barrington Spence. For this track Yabby worked with the great and late Bunny Lee. It is followed by its Dub version called "Tutch Dub". The sixth track is "Fighting Dub", credited to Tommy McCook & King Tubby, based on the song "Fighting". This rare Dub track, along with the album "Blazing Horns" (1977), clearly demonstrates the powerful combination of Tubby and McCook. Follows "Deliver Me", an unknown version of the classic "Deliver Me From My Enemies" single. It is followed by a Dub version of the latter, the deep "Deliver Dub". The nineth song is "Milk River Rock" by Don D Junior & The Prophets. Don D Junior was a pen name used by the trombonist Vin Gordon. Another rare song is "Dip Them Bedward" by Prince Pampidoo. The rhythm was cut at Lee Perry's Black Ark. It is followed by its Dub called "Dub Them Bedward". Far best than the original it is based on, it demonstrates how Yabby was able to create a very good Dub even is the original is not particularly interesting. The twelveth track is a powerful Dub by King Tubby & The Prophets: "Dub Vengence". The rhythm was cut at Lee Perry's Black Ark. It is of course based on the legendary "Jah Vengeance" song by Yabby, originally released in his "Conquering Lion" album from 1972. Follows "Forward on the Track" by King Miguel. The rhythm was cut at Lee Perry's Black Ark. It is followed by its Dub version called "Caymanas Rock", a treatement provided by The Prophets. The fifteenth track is a Dub called "Love Sweet Love Drums" by King Tubby & The Prophets. The percussion on this track is played by Tommy McCook. It is followed by "Lazy Mood" by The Prophet All Stars, versioning "Conquering Lion", the debut single by Yabby from 1972. The organ is probably played by Aston "Familyman" Barrett. The seventeenth track is "Open Your Hearts", another version of "Conquering Lion". Follows "Poor and Needy Dubwise" by King Tubby & The Prophets All Stars. The collection closes with "Cleo’s Dub" by Hot City All Stars. This is a Dub version of Cleopatra Williams' "Beyond The Hills", a single that previously only appeared in the UK pressing of the "Conquering Lion" album and retitled "Ram-A-Dam". The list of the musicians includes: Aston "Familyman" Barrett and Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Yabby You (congo drums), Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Carlton "Santa" Davis, Benbow Creary and Sly Dumbar (drums), Tommy McCook (flute), Earl "Chinna" Smith, Albert Griffiths, Alrick Forbes and Ranchie McClean (guitars), Ansel Collins, Pablo Black, Earl "Wire" Lindo and Aston "Familyman" Barrett (organ), Uziah "Sticky" Thompson (percussion), Pablo Black (piano), Tommy McCook (saxophone), Don D Junior aka Vin Gordon (trombone) and Bobby Ellis (trumpet). The rhythms were cut at Dynamics, Randy's, Harry J's and Lee Perry's Black Ark. For the voicing and the remixing Yabby used King Tubby's studio. All tracks produced by Yabby You. Most of the voice tracks reflect Yabby attention to the life in Kingston at the time and his beliefs in Rastafari. Not all the materiel is strong but some is very, very powerful.

01. Smith & The Prophets - Valley of Joeasaphat
02. Smith & The Prophets - Joeasaphat Rock
03. King Tubby - Thanks and Praise (Exclusive dub plate mix)
04. Barrington Spence - Don’t Touch I Dread
05. The Prophet All Stars - Tutch Dub
06. Tommy McCook & King Tubby - Fighting Dub (exclusive dub plate mix)
07. Yabby You - Deliver Me (exclusive dub plate mix)
08. King Tubby & Yabby You - Deliver Dub (exclusive dub plate mix)
09. Don D Junior & The Prophets - Milk River Rock (exclusive dub plate mix)
10. Prince Pampidoo - Dip Them Bedward
11. The Prophet All Stars - Dub Them Bedward
12. King Tubby & The Prophets - Dub Vengence (exclusive dub plate mix)
13. King Miguel - Forward on the Track
14. King Miguel & The Prophets - Caymanas Rock
15. King Tubby & The Prophets - Love Sweet Love Drums (exclusive dub plate mix)
16. The Prophet All Stars - Lazy Mood
17. King Tubby & The Prophets - Open Your Hearts (exclusive dub plate mix)
18. King Tubby & The Prophets All Stars - Poor and Needy Dubwise (exclusive dub plate mix)
19. Hot City All Stars - Cleo’s Dub



* * * /

1976-1978 - Pressure Sounds - studio - discs: 1

This is "Deeper Roots" part two in every sense. From my poit of view there is nothing "more" than the previous release from Pressure Sounds. Those that know the seminal role that Yabby had in the mid 70s, also know that he recorded hundreads of versions of the same track. With such prolific production it's clear that some things are best than others. Here on sixteen tracks, fourteen are previously unpublished versions. And, unfortunately, some of them are not in a very good shape in terms of the sound quality. Of course I'm not saying boring but here you will find obscure, alternate takes that maybe will be deeply appreciated by the hard fans of Yabby. Some tracks are far above the rest, as with "Psalm 16". This is a very hypnotic track. It's amazing in its simplicity. It's like a "base" on which everything could be built upon. I don't know if the percussion comes from Uziah "Sticky" Thompson or Noel "Skully" Simms. But it's stellar. Super heavy. Same thing must be said for the bass. Astonishing. No need to search in contemporary rhythms here. Just listen to this from forty years ago (!), at the time of writing (2017). On a different level, but very good is the version of "Outside The City Walls", with its captivating horns session. The set closes with very powerful "Mash Down". The list of the musicians includes: Aston "Familyman" Barrett, Clinton Fearon and Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace, Carlton "Santa" Davis, Wallace "Benbow" Creary and Sly Dumbar (drums), Earl "Chinna" Smith, Albert Griffiths, and Bertram "Ranchie" McClean (guitars), Earl "Wire" Lindo, Paul Dixon, Earl "Bagga" Walker and Aston "Familyman" Barrett (organ), Uziah "Sticky" Thompson and Noel "Skully" Simms (percussion), Bernard "Touta" Harvey "(piano), Tommy McCook (saxophone), Don D Junior aka Vin Gordon (trombone) and Bobby Ellis (trumpet). The rhythms were cut at Dynamics, KIng Tubby's Studio, Channel One, Joe Gibbs Studio, Basing Street Studio and Lee Perry's Black Ark.. All tracks produced by Yabby You. Having said that, this is indeed a compilation for hardcore afficionados.

01. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Walls of Jerusalem
02. Yabby You & The Prophets - Thirty Pieces of Silver
03. Vivian Jackson & The Prophets - Sipping I & I Chalice
04. The Prophets - I & I Chalice Version
05. Wayne Wade and The Prophets - Man of the Living
06. Prophets Allstars - Psalm 16
07. Yabby You & The Prophets - Chant Down Babylon Kingdom
08. The Prophets Allstars - Chant Down Babylon Version
09. Yabby You & The Prophets - Stop Your Quarelling
10. The Prophets Allstars - Stop Your Quarelling Version
11. The Prophets Allstars - Outside The City Walls
12. Vivian Jackson & The Sons of Jah - Jah Vengeance
13. Tony Tuff & The Prophets - I Can’t Hide
14. The Prophets Allstars - I Can't Hide Version
15. Samuel Patterson - Time Changing
16. The Prophets Allstars - Mash Down




late 70s - Pressure Sounds - studio - discs: 1





various mid 70s - Pressure Sounds - studio - discs: 1

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