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1977 - Epiphany Records - studio - discs:1

Soul Syndicate was a super group basecally working in studio as a backing band from the 70's to the mid 80's. They worked with everybody supplying first class Roots music. This seminal album was recorded in 1977 at Harry J Studio and Aquarius Studio in Kingston and it was engineered by Sylvan Morris and Stephen Stanley. Soul Syndicate are: Earl "Chinna" Smith (guitar, vocals, harmony), Tony "Valentine" Chin (guitar, harmony), George "Fully" Fullwood (bass, harmony), Max "Feelgood" Edwards (drums, percussion, vocals and harmony), Richard "Jamaka" Johnson (keyboards, harmony), Donovan Carless (vocals, harmony), Arnold Breckenridge (trumpet, harmony), Donald Greaves (trumpet, harmony), Enroy "Tenor" Grant (tenor saxophone, harmony) and Earl "Wire" Lindo (piano). What they deliver is some rich textured and funkyshly flavoured Roots music (a good example here is "Rootsman Connection"). The music is not only played by top musicians but it is also most of the times built around some quite complex musical structures. The result is incredible simple: perfect smooth surfaced Reggae bringing it itself the force, and sometimes the sharp straightness of a deep heartfelt musical message. My preferred songs are: "Wicked A Goo Feel It", the version of Junior Byles "Fade Away", "Jam Down Rock", "Red Gold And Green", "Black Cinderella" (written by the great Jimmy Radway), "We Got Love" (a gem indeed) and the deep and quite fast "Ital Brass". Listen to the incredible Spanish trumpet in "Deep Within" and how it dialougues within the guitars. A Jazz-Roots song. Complex and extrimely direct. The rest is less interesting. Avoid the terrible Thirld World style of "If It's Love That You Want": I do not need it! The set closes were it started: with "Brass Attack (reprise)". This album shows some enlightening musical landscapes built around a powerful Roots core.

1. Brass Attrack [Medley]
2. Wicked A Go Feel It
3. Fade Away
4. Jam Down Rock
5. Mariwana
6. Harvest Uptown Famine Downtown
7. Red Gold And Green
8. Black Cinderella
9. New Vibrations
10. We Got Love
11. Rootsman Connection
12. Ital Brass
13. Deep Within
14. If It's Love That You Want
15. Brass Attack [Repise]


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