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TRINITY (b. 1954 - )


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1977 - Blood and Fire - studio - discs: 1

Wade Brammer was born in Kingston on 10 February 1954. He initially adopted the name "Prince Glen" and later that of "Trinity". Growing admiring the Sound Systems around his neighbourhood, his debut came with "Got To Believe In It" cut for Enos "Musso" McLoad. This single was followed by "Mop Head Screw Face" cut with his friend Dillinger for Winston Edwards. These sides were recorded in 1974 when he still was called "Prince Glen". The next year hey recorded "Bump Skank". After these singles both went to the Hookim brothers Channel One Studio in Maxfield Avenue, where the Rockers sound was emerging (1975 / 1976). In 1976 Dillinger's "CB 200" was recorded there and became a strong success. In 1976 Jo Jo Hookim renamed Wade "Trinity" and recorded some singles. Trinity recorded for Yabby You, too. He was noticed by the main rival of the Hookim brothers Joe Gibbs which operated with one of the top engineer around, Errol "ET" Thompson. Around the same time he cut "Shanty Town Determination" for Yabby. For Joe he cut "Three Piece Suit" (based on "I'm Still In Love", a stellar song originally cut by Alton Ellis in 1967) and it was a success followed by other singles. These tracks became part of the "Three Piece Suit" set. Gibbs used the same rhythm of "I'm Still In Love" for the stellar Althea and Donna's "Uptown Top Ranking". The present release contains the original "Shanty Town Determination" set plus five other tracks. This set appeared briefly in 1977 and then it disappeared. This album was produced by Yabby You, voiced and mixed at King Tubby's Studio by King himself and Prince Jammy. Quite edgy toasting style, here. A little bit too much for me, but this is considered in any case almost a classic from the hardcore toasters fans. For those it is for sure far more than mere three stars.

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