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1975 - Trojan - studio - discs:1

"Musical Bones" by Vin Gordon (and The Upsetters to back him and Lee "Scratch" Perry as the mastermind at the mixing board) was briefly released in 1975 as a white label on DIP. Vin Gordon (aka Don Drummond Junior) graduated at the legendary Alpha Boys School, a Catholic charitable institution for the underprivileged boys which tought them music. Among the thousands of boys that came out of the Alpha we must name a few: the trombonists Ron Wilson, Rico Rodriguez, Raymond Harper and Vin Gordon; the trumpeters Johnny "Dizzy" Moore, Bobby Ellis, David Madden and Jo Jo Bennett; the saxophonists Tommy McCook, Lester Sterling, Cedric "Im" Brooks, Glen DaCosta and "Deadley" Headley Bennett. These horns players were all top Jazz musicians and their contibution to the Jamaican music was stellar, from the Ska era onwards. Gordon, among the multitude of studio bands, was active in the experimental Jazz-Reggae group Zap Pow too (originally formed around David Madden in 1970). By 1975 Gordon often played with the Revolutionaries. This ten tracks set is built around the trombone of Gordon, revisiting some classic rythms through Jazz. Backing Band : The Upsetters. Drums : Mikey Boo Richards and Ben Bow. Bass : Boris Gardiner. Lead Guitar : Chinna and Geoffrey Chung. Organ : Winston Wright. Horns : Dirty Harry and Bobby Ellis. Percussions : Skully and Lee Perry. And finally the Trombone of Vin Gordon. The genius of Perry and the vibrant Jazz sounds of Gordon melt and merge in an unique result. Listen to "5 Cardiff Crescent", with Winston Wright and Vin running around each other in a magic texture. You will not believe that this came out of the Black Ark. Of course Perry produced and engineered.

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