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EARL SIXTEEN (b. 1958 - )


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1982-Tamoki Wanbesi Dove - studio - discs:1

Earl Daley (later known as Earl Sixteen) was born in Kingston in 1958. At fifteen he formed "The Flaming Phonics", which only single did not get any success. His first succes came when singing "Malcom X", a single written by Winston McAnuff and produced by Derrick Harriott. Then he joyned Boris Gardiner's Happening band but soon his Rastafari beliefs made him move to the next step. Actually Earl refused to wear the band's uniform and was consequently fired. From late 1976 Earl was often at Lee "Scratch" Perry's Black Ark but an attempt to voice "White Belly Rat" did not made Lee satisfied. Earl stayed in the premises where he later cut some good material. In 1977 he provided some backing vocals on Bunny Rugs "Chant Down Babylon Kingdom", a single produced by Yabby You. In 1978 Earl cut a successful single called "Freedom". Later Earl met Earl Morgan of The Heptones who produced his debut album called "Shining Star". Morgan also produced two singles, "Changing World" and "Rastaman", both released under Augustus Pablo's Rockers label. In 1981 Mikey "Dread"Campbell worked together with The Roots Radics. Their efforts brought to some singles as "Reggae Sound" and "Jah is the Master", "African Tribesman". This material was mixed by Scientist at King Tubby's. They also cut the "Reggae Sound" set. Around this time Linval Thompson produced a big hit called "Trials and Crosses". In 1982 Roy Cousins of The Royals produced the present set: "Songs For a Reason". In 1982 was also released a set called "Showcase", produced by the legendary "Sir Coxsone" Dodd. The material contained in "Songs For a Reason" was treated in different Studio: Channel One, King Tubby's, Harry J's, Aquarius and Federal. The personnel by the mixing board is therefore quite various: Sylvan Morris, Winston "Professor" Brown, Buddy Davidson, Christopher Daley, Scientist, Ernest HooKim and "Crucial" Bunny (also known as Anthony Graham, Bunny Graham, Bunny Tom Tom). The Roots Radics involved were: Sly Dunbar, Lincoln Valentine Scott (also known as Style Rattadam or Style Scott), Leroy "Horsemouth" Wallace and Ben Bow (drums); Errol "Flabba" Holt, Robbie Shakespeare and Errol Walker (also known as Bagga Walker or Bagga Judah) (bass); Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont (rhythm guitar); Noel Barkley (also known as Noel Bailey, Sewell, Noel Sewell or simply Sowell), Earl "Chinna" Smith, Dwight Pickney and Bertram "Ranchie" McLean (guitar); Steele (also known as Wycliffe Steely Johnson, or Steelie Johnson), Ansel Collins, Gladstone Anderson, Winston Wright, Pablove Black and Robert Lynn (keyboards); Bobby Ellis (trumpet); Tommy McCook (saxophone); Scully Simms (also known as Skully, Mikey Spratt, Zoots Scully Simms, Scollie, Zoot Sims, Skitter) (percussions). Here we have some strong Dancehall filled and spiced with what nowadays we call conscious lyrics. The Roots Radics are hard and deep but also the work by the mixing board is very good. On twelve tracks the strongest are: "Crisis", "Rise In The Morning", "Sailing", "Inheritance", "Reggae Rock" and "Ginal Out There". A special mention goes to "Jah Is The Master", with its Dub atmospheres permeating it. This is quite a strong album that misses the highest rank due to some tracks that are not that deep as the most of what is collected here. In any case this is a real Dancehall set that will be not forgot.

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