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EARL MORGAN (b. 1945 - )


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1982 - Auralux - studio - discs:1

Earl Morgan, of the legendary Heptones, beside his vocal efforts, also produced a couple of albums of other artists during the late 70's early 80's. We remember Alton Ellis' "Many Moods Of Alton Ellis" (1978-80), Alton Ellis & Heptones' "Mr Ska Bean'a" (1980), Earl Cunningham's "Earl Cunningham" (1983) and Earl Sixteen' "Shining Star" (1983). His only excursion in Dub is presented here: "D.C. Dub Connection". This ten tracks set opens with "Bo-Yarka Dub", a version of the hyper strong hit "Storm Clouds" from the Heptones' "Party Time" album recorded for Lee "Scratch" Perry at the Black Ark in 1977. Follows "Stepper Dub", the source is unknown. The same is for the following "Vibration Rock" and its version called "Cool Vibration". The fifth track is "Pure Sorrow Dub" based on a 12" of The Heptones also known as "Sorrows". Follows "Rythm Macka" based on the stellar "Party Time" of the Perry set above. Listening to the following "Party Time Dub" it is clear that the titles of these two tracks are inverted. The label decided to keep this misunderstanding in this re-release on CD. I agree with them. So to clear things, "Party Time Dub" is based on Alton Ellis' "No Man Is Perfect". Follows another powerful track. It's "Jamaican Hammer Horror". This is based on Alton Ellis's "Rise And Fall". The nineth track is called "Apartment 48". The source is unknown. The set closes with "Dub Transaction". Unknown sources again. The Dubs based on the Perry's set were constructed using the originals that Earl was able to recover from the Ark after its closure. The set was engineered at King Tubby's. Scientist and Prince Jammy were by the board. The musicians were: Horsemouth Wallace, Mikey "Boo" Richards and Sly Dunbar (drums), Boris Gardiner, Bertram "Ranchie" McLean, Leroy Sibbles, Lloyd Parks and Flabba Holt (also kown as Errol Carter and Errol Holt) (bass), "Bo Peep" Bowen, Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont, Ronnie Bop (rhythm guitar), Bertram "Ranchie" McLean, Eric Frater and Willie Lindo (lead guitar), Ansel Collins, Winston Wright and Keith Sterling (keyboards), Bobby Ellis and David Madden (the latter from Zap Pow) (trumpet), Headley Benett and Glen Da Costa (tenor saxophone), Vin Gordon (trombone), Uziah "Sticky" Thompson and Skully (also known as Mikey Spratt, Zoots Scully Simms, Scollie, Zoot Sims and Skitter) (percussions). "D.C. Dub Connection" is a very good Dub set. Shifting between classic rhythms and some more unexplored ones, it is quite cohesive with ten strong cuts that strongly emerge from the others. Do not forget this set. Inside the huge ocean of Dub releases that paved the 70's, it somehow closes an era. Maybe not stellar but in any case unforgettable.


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