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1975-1977 - Makasound - studio - discs: 1

Winston McAnuff was born in 1957 in the Manchester Parish. After his father's death he moved to Kingston where his sister was working as a teacher. Once in Kingston he became friend with Hugh Mundell, Earl Sixteen and Wayne Wade. At this early stage he wrote for Earl Sixteen the great "Malcolm X" song, which will be later revisited from Dennis Brown. Between 1975 and 1977 he recorded for Derrick Harriott the eleven songs that were released as the present debut set. The songs were recorded at Channel One and Joe Gibb's Studio. Quite frankly the material does not differ since the average quality of a good Roots set from the middle of the 70's. Basecally only some couple of tracks caught my attention. Even if some stellar musicians were employed for the recordings, the total result is quite common place. In any case the music is much stronger than the singing. Only a couple of songs are really interesting. I would name these: the opening track "Punky Rock 1", rocking and fast; "Kushy I", a horns textured song with many dark overdubs (maybe the best sing here); "Head Corner Stone" and "Lover Man". The rest is basic, even if in some cases effective, Roots music.

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