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"My house of reggae is in London and I invite you in for a cup of tea while I play Jamaican music throughout 
the decades from scorchin' ska through roots rockers to the latest dancehall sounds and adding a few background
details along the way in celebration and recognition of all the talented people who have contributed to one of
the liveliest music cultures in the world. So don't hold back, come on in, kick your shoes off and enjoy the

This is how Ian presents himself in his Podomatic page "House of Reggae". If you are interested in high quality
Reggae, I highly suggest you to listen to his shows. I must underline that "...adding a few background details
along the way..." (as he states) only half describes the true nature of the shows. Along with great music, we
have often the chance to learn more about the artists tracks played, their background and the context in which
they were recorded. I think that the quality of these shows not only lies in delivering some good vibes, but
also in make us more cultured. Great shows. Yes Ian!


"The purpose of this website is to bring you a comprehensive and searchable database of Jamaican Roots Reggae
Albums from 1970 to 1985. This site is a completely free source of information for all reggae lovers and
This is the best database for your enquires about what was released in the 70's and in the first part of the
80's. Details considered: images of the covers, release ID number (both vinyls and CDs), recording date, list of
tracks, producer, players, where it was recorded. Roots Archives features a forum too. Roots Archives is


Jah Lyrics, as its title suggests, is a (new) web site presenting a growing collection of Reggae lyrics. Thanks
to Survival, its creator, we have here the opportunity to discover the verbal side of Reggae. Our beloved music
is not only rhythm, but also (sometimes really beautiful) words!

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"RRI Media Corp., a Miami (Florida, USA) based corporation, aka Reggae Report, celebrates 25 years in 2008. From
its humble beginnings as a newsletter in 1983, Reggae Report evolved into a glossy magazine that, by 1986, was
distributed throughout the U.S. and dozens of cities around the world. By the mid-90s, Reggae Report had an
international following in more than 42 countries. In addition, it was recognized as the ultimate source for
Reggae news and information, sustained a reputation for providing quality journalism, and received the trust,
support, and respect of performers and music industry professionals on all levels. Our goal is to present a site
that speaks to the audience, a site that will engage and entertain Reggae fans totally. In 2007, RRI Media Corp.
introduced "Backstage @ReggaeReport.com," a Net TV-video show produced from its Miami base."

This is an excerpt of how the publisher M. Peggy Quattro presents her website. She enjoys an extensive musical
history. She began her career in 1981 as assistant to Don Taylor, then manager of Bob Marley, Jimmy Cliff, and
Gregory Isaacs. But that was just the beginning and in 1983 she began Reggae Report with Michael "Mikey Zappow"
Williams (from the legendary Zap Pow group). Check Reggae Report for some professional informations presented by
serious people.

DISCOVER JAMAICA________________________________________________________________________________________________


"Zion Country Eco beach Cabins are situated in Muirton Pen, Portland Parish, between Manchioneal and Long Road in
the east of Jamaica. It is best described as a small, cosy guesthouse. There is no commercial tourism here. Being
surrounded by a green forest makes Zion Country Eco beach Cabins a popular place for nature lovers, eco tourism,
back packers and low budget travellers. Zion Country Eco beach Cabins is a 1 acre property with a private beach
with a view to the ocean and to the John Crow mountains. Dutch born Free-I, from Holland, bought the one acre
property in 1996, re-landscaped the whole property and build 4 wooden beach cabins. Each 2–room cottage has a sea
view and private balcony..."

This is how the main page of "Zion Country" starts. I discovered Jamaica starting from there, and I have returned
there ever since. Beautiful only half describes it!

REGGAE AND MUCH MORE___________________________________________________________________________________________


"Way back, during the seventies, we got in touch with Reggae Music and you could say it was "love at first
sight". Over the years we not only did buy the albums, singles and disco 45s we wanted to have, but we also
tried to get information about the artists, their producers and the recording studios. Besides that we got
interested in the development of Reggae as a strong social and cultural power, not only in Jamaica but in a
variety of communities all over the world. ...It was in the late eighties/early nineties that Guido Delvoux 
started his "Cool Runnings" recordshop and label "RUNNetherlands", thus making it possible for fans of "Black
Music" and especially Reggae Music to get their copies of the latest releases. ...So, it was at the end of 1996
that we finally decided to found "Reggae Vibes Productions NL" as a result of our increasing activities which
included the participation in the making of newsletters for the RUNN Records Mailing Club, the writing of 
articles and reviews for music magazines and the start of our own website...."

This is an excerpt from Teacher and Mr.T's presentation of their Dutch website. Reviews, articles, photos, news
and much more, make Reggae-Vibes.com a highly interesting site to acquire a lot of informations about Reggae. 

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