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Zap Pow was some sort of Jazz-Funkish-Reggae band of the 70's. David Madden was one of its founders. Musically grown at the legendary Alpha Boys School in Kingston, he played in the hotels of the North Coast and later in the U.S. where he was influenced by Jazz. Back in Jamaica he played with Cedric "Im" Brooks in the Burning Spear session for "Door Peep". In 1970, after other sessions for Coxsone Dodd, Cedric joyned Count Ossie And The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari, and David formed Zap Pow. Since the first steps Mikey Williams (bassist) and Dwight Pinkey (guitarist) joined the band. Their first hit was "Mysty Mood", recorded at Joe Gibbs's studio. This song is present here and clearly shows the Jazzy approach that they had in mind. This hit was followed by "Scandal Corner". Their international success came when Chris Blackwell put his hands on a Mikey Williams composition. Blackwell called Chris Capaldi (from Traffic) to finish the lyrics and the final result was easy internationally approachable "This Is Reggae Music". Later in 1975 Beres Hammond joyned Zap Pow. But this is a different story. This release contains fourteen tracks from different sets. One definition comes to mind when listening to some songs of this set, and it's not nice: Pop Reggae. And I am not at all on that side! Is there something to save? Yes, there are some tunes that are worth listening, even if the "pop" side permeates some of them: "Sunshine People", "Last War", "Roots Man", "Bubblin' Over", "United", "World" and maybe "Jah Haawn" too. Play this set if you do not want your guests that are nor paricularly engaged in Reggae to leave the house. Not everybody is able to appreciate U-Roy the first time they come for a formal dinner.

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