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RICO RODRIGUEZ (b. 1934 - )


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1961-1971 - Trojan - studio - discs:2

Rico Rodriguez was born in Kingston on October 17th 1934. He was educated at the glorious Alpha Boys School were he wanted to become a saxophonist but ending to be a great trombonist. In the 50's he played at some musical contests and embraced Rastafari, which was slowly spreading throughout Jamaica. By the end of the decade Rico made his debut playing on Theophilus Beckford's "Easy Snapping", produced by Clement "Coxsone" Dodd. Gaining some good reputation he joyned Dodd's session band Clue J & The Blues Blasters, where he played pre-Ska material. In the early 60's Rico he played for other producers as Prince Buster, Lloyd "Matador" Daley and Duke Reid. At that time (around 1961) American influences were highly present as with the opening here called "Magic", cut for The Duke. In 1962 "Duck Soup", also cut for Reid, was one of the first tracks to deliver some sort of Rastafari atmosphere, thanks to the burru drumming. In that same year Rico moved to London where he worked for Sonny Roberts' Planetone label. He immediately started to record extensively. In 1967 Rodriguez cut some strong Rocksteady material in London for two producers: Sir Clancy Collins and Joe Mansano. In 1969 Rico cut his first LP for Trojan: "Blow Your Horn", produced by Robert "Dandy" Thompson. In 1969 was released the LP "Brixton Cat". In that same year the great trombonist Don Drummond (see the Skatalite page) died and Rico recorded the LP "Rico In Reggae Land" (subtitled "Paying Tribute To Don Drummond") for Bunny Lee. Lee recorded the tracks in Jamaica and made Rico add the trombone in London. This LP is entirely included here. The tracks are: "Tribute To Don Drummond", "Anancy Rumba", "Rainbow In The Rio Mino", "Sweet Chariot", "Tom Jones", "Scare Face", "Trombone Man", "Japanese Invasion", "Top Of The Class", "Black Milk", "Stranger On The Shore" and "Place In The Sun". If you are interested in instrumentals this is a good chance to hear some nice material. In any case Rico's music of the period covered in this fiftytwo tracks collection (!) brings a special flavour made of pre-Ska, Ska, Rocksteady and innocence.

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