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mid 1970s - Honest Jons Records - studio - discs:1

Mainly a bass player (but also on different occasions on rhythm guitar, organ, electric piano, synthesiser, strings and percussions) Junior Dan is a very interesting character and this Hi Try collection is incredibly strong. The name of the collection was inspired by the name of Junior's area Tryall Heights. He started to record around 1967 - 1978 for Randy's and later for Joe Gibbs, GGs, Lee "Scratch" Perry, Treasure Isle, Channel One and Harry J. Before leaving Jamaica in 1980 he played bass for some of the greatest artists the 70's and early 80's. Just to name a few here follows a quick list: Augustus Pablo's "Earth Rightful Ruler" (1982) and "Eastman Dub" (1980), Delroy Williams' "I Stand Black" (1982), Fred Locks' "Black Star Liner" (1975), Hugh Mundell's "Time And Place" (1980), The Melodians' "Sweet Sensation" (1977), Pablo Moses' "Revolutionary Dream" (1976) (here also on organ) and Sugar Minott's "Black Roots" (1980). The present collection offers some heavy deep Roots from the 70's. The set opens with "Look Out For The Devil" and its Dub version called "Look Out For The Devil Version". The musicians employed were Pablove Black (keyboards), Benbow, Chokie Taylor, Noel "Sowell" Barkley and Zoots "Scully" Simms. It was cut at the legendary Black Ark. Follows "Red, Gold & Green Rainbow" and its Dub called "Red, Gold & Green Rainbow Version". The fifth song is a Dub called "East Of The Rico Cobre", punctuated by a pulsing melodica. Its original is the following track named "Wise Man". Follows another version of the same rhythm called "Cobre Version". These three tracks were cut at Joe Gibbs. The eight track is "Mr Big Shot" and it is followed by its Dub called "Mr Big Shot Version". The music was provided by the Upsetters and later it was voiced and mixed at King Tubby's. Follows "Give Thanks No Skanks" (co-written with Fred Locks), maybe the best and more touching track of "Hi Try". Its Dub version is "Yanks And Ises". The collection closes with the Dub called "This Foundation", a slow and highly meditative track as its original called "Jah Foundation". "Hi Try" is an incredibly powerful deep Roots set. Its Dubs are strong as their originals. Junior is also an inspired writer and quite good singer. More than interesting.

1. Look Out For The Devil
2. Look Out For The Devil Version
3. Red, Gold & Green Rainbow
4. Red, Gold & Green Rainbow Version
5. East Of The Rico Cobre
6. Wise Man
7. Cobre Version
8. Mr Big Shot
9. Mr Big Shot Version
10. Give Thanks No Skanks
11. Yanks And Ises
12. This Foundation
13. Jah Foundation

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