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FRED LOCKS (b. 1955 - )


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1975 - VP - studio - discs: 1

Fred Locks was born Stafford Elliot in 1955 in Kingston. By the mid 70's he had recorded with the Lyrics (a vocal group). As a committed Rastafarian and member of the Twelve Tribes Of Israel he recorded this set which was produced by the organization label Jahmikmusik. Fred's dubut "Black Star Liner" made a big impact. The title track became an anthem and the rest of the material received the highly deserved attention. The whole set is permeated of conscious lyrics addressing repatriation, iniquity, struggles and deep faith in H.I.M.. The music is exclusively pure 70's Roots with sometimes a melodic flavour played by top musicians. The set was recorded at Channel One, Randy's and Harry J. It was mixed at Treasure Isle. What is interesting is that the high tones of Fred's voice fit perfectly over these classic 70's sounds. The set containes original material except a re-cut of "Sing-A-Long", which was a tune previously cut with the Lyrics. The two gems are: the enlightning "Vision Of Redemption" and the dark "Walls".

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