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1969-1972 - Trojan - studio - discs:1

Harold Harry Johnson, a former insurance salesman, is one of those Early Reggae producers that contributed for the development of the late 60's sounds. He started his career producing the Beltones. "No More Heartaches" (1968) was their biggest hit. After this cuccess Johnson started his own label, Harry J. His studio band was called Herry J All Stars. The core of the group was formed by Lynford "Hux" Brown, Ranny "Bop" Williams, Reggie "Alva" Lewis and Glen Adams. For a short moment even Carlton and Aston Barrett joyned them. Their top success was "Liquidator" (1969). This song was a version of the previously released "What Am I To Do" sung by Tony Scott. Harry added the organ of the great Winston Wright and the track became a classic. This song gave name to Harry first LP. This compilation contains some of the best releases from 1969 to 1972. The main sound is structured around instrumental tunes with the organ on the front row. Harry Johnson hardly failed as a hit producer since he always basecally remaind cautious with his releases and his target was the market, not the experiments. Thus here you will not find particularly innovating material but for sure some popular and commercial hits from the Early Reggae.

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