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1996 - Greensleeves - studio - discs:1

Beresford Hammond was born in Kingston in 1955. He started his career in the mid 70's with the Zap Pow group. From 1978 to 1981 he had several hits, including his debut set "Soul Reggae". He came back in 1985 with some success. It was not until 1990, when he started to work with the producer Donovan Germain, that he was again acclaimed. This producer had opened his Penthouse studio in 1987 and had a lot of success during the digital period. Beres traditional vocal approach (actually quite Soul oriented ) was put together with the modern Dancehall rhythms to accomplish a unique mixture. Another producer that brought Beres back to the charts was Richard Bell of Star Trail Records (he produced the present set). Beres delivers basecally Lover's Rock plus some Roots oriented material (as "False Preacher"), which is good but could sound a bit boring after a couple of times. The general mood is digital and I am not really captured by these uncertain sounds. What is for sure interesting is the powerful and deep voice from Hammond.



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