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1976-1977 - Blood & Fire - studio - discs: 2

This set from The Congos was produced, recorded and mixed by the great Lee "Scratch" Perry at his Black Ark Studio between 1976 ans 1977. This set is worldwide considered, by both Reggae historians and fans, a masterpiece. More than this, many consider this set as the best album that came out of the Black Ark Studio. From my point of view The Heptons' "Party Time" (1977) is highly superior, but this is a different story. We are here for The Congos: Cedric Myton and Roydel Johnson. Mr.Myton was born in 1947 in the St.Catherine Parish. His career started as a member of the Tartans along with Devon Russell, Prince Lincoln Thompson and Lindbergh Lewis. His distinctive falsetto voice was his trademark since the beginning. The Tartans had some success by the end of the 60's with some Rocksteady singles. The group split and Cedric released some singles with Devon Russell and Lincoln Thompson. After that experience he formed The Congos. Mr.Johnson, with his tenor voice, was also born in 1947 in the Hanover Parish. By the early 70's he joyned Ras Michael and The Sons Of Negus. By the mid 70's he met Myton and The Congos were born. Watty "King" Burnett joyned them as a backing voice. He is one of the voices in this album. The other backing voices employed are: Ansel Cridland, Winston Watson and Danny Clarke from The Meditations; Earl Morgan and Barry Llewellyn from the Heptones; Gregory Isaacs; Candy McKenzie. The musicians were some of the best available but the list is really too long to be reported here. When The Congos recorded this historical set, Lee Perry was at the top of his skills to manage the equipment present in his studio. His classic outboard equipment as the Ecoplex reverb unit and the Murton phaser, plus the 4 track Teac to record (4 tracks only!) and the Soundcraft board to mix were used as no one was able to. Lee's used to dump tracks onto one to free the others. This permitted endless overdubbing with the classic raw sound that he delivered from Black Ark. This special release from the British label Blood & Fire adds five bonus tracks as heavy Dubs. This fondamental set will be remembered as one of the greatest albums of the mid 70's and of course one of the best coming from the Black Ark. The music is far more moving, touching and interesting than the voices. From my point of view here is the music that plays the most important role. The Heart Of The Congos is a milestone.

Disc 1:

1. Fisherman
2. Congoman
3. Open Up The Gate
4. Children Crying
5. La La Bam Bam
6. Can't Come In
7. Sodom And Gomorrow
8. The Wrong Thing
9. Ark Of The Covenant
10. Solid Foundation
11. At The Feast
12. Nicodemus

Disc 2:

1. Congoman
2. Congoman Chant
3. Bring The Meakabeak
4. Noah Sugar Pan
5. Solid Foundation



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1977-2006- - Blood & Fire - studio - discs: 2

"Fisherman Style" is a twentyfour tracks collection released by the too early demised British label Blood & Fire centered on the song with same name, which opened the seminal "Heart Of The Congos" set by The Congos produced, recorded and mixed by the great Lee "Scratch" Perry at his Black Ark Studio in 1977. Cedric Myton (co-founder of The Congos with Roydel Johnson) proposed the label to create a "one riddim" album similar to their previous effort based on The Abyssinians' "Satta Massagana". In spring 2005 Myton and Johnson contacted some artists with the intent that they recut their own version in the Leggo Studio, Orange Street, Kingston. Here Bravo and Perry Hendricks engineered. As the vocals were recorded the tapes were passed via Blood & Fire to the Berlin based Rhythm & Sound Studio lead by Mark Ernestus and Moritz van Oswald. (To be fully precise Paul St.Hilaire's version was voiced at False Tuned studio in Berlin; Country Culture's and Mr. Raggamonica versions were overdubbed at Planet City Studio in Blackburn, Lancashire, U.K.). The result is here. The first CD features the old veterans, whilst the second, with the exception of Gregory Isaacs, collects younger artists. The original "Fisherman" opens the collection, and its Dub counterpart "Bring The Mackaback" by the Upsetters closes it. The list of the veterans is amazing and includes the following artists: Big Youth, Horace Andy, Max Romeo, Tony Tuff, Prince Jazzbo, Freddie McGregor, Dean Fraser, U Roy, Sugar Minott, Dillinger, Michael Rose (former Black Uhuru) and Gregory Isaacs. Their versions are spectacular: the singers are more focused on love, peace and praise for the Almighty, while the deejays as it could be expected are more focused on the actual activity of fishing and its social implications. Every track is a small masterpiece. The second CD, and as already said with the exception of Gregory Isaacs and the Dub version by the Upsetters, features the following artists: Luciano, Lutan Fyah, Paul St. Hilaire (born in Grand Bay, Dominica), Country Culture (born Anthony Alexander Martin in Manchester, JA, and based in the U.K.), Early One (born Alan Titt in Hunts Bay, West kingston, he delivers a wonderful version), Maclaw (born Ishmael McCanuff and son of Winston McCanuff), Mr. Raggamonica, Ricky Chaplin (born Wilfred Chambers and brother of Charlie Chambers), Lucan I (born Dave Smith) and Al Pancho (born Owen Ricardo Brown in St. Mary Parish in 1974). As you could expect from this site, I prefer the veterans, but this is just my opinion and the young artists are powerful and strong as well. Enjoy this long lond ride. Great set.


1. The Congos - Fisherman
2. Big Youth - Feed A Nation
3. Horace Andy - Love Love Love
4. Max Romeo - Give Praises
5. Tony Tuff - Master Builder
6. Prince Jazzbo - Live Good Today
7. Freddie McGregor - Man Should Know
8. Dean Fraser - Fisherman's Anthem
9. U Roy - Fisherman Style
10. Sugar Minott - Captain Of The Ship
11. Dillinger - Row Fast
12. Michael Rose - Let Your Love


1. Luciano - Going Home
2. Lutan Fyah - Whitewash Walls
3. Paul St. Hilaire - Carthage
4. Country Culture - Make Poverty History
5. Early One - Jig Jig Jig
6. Maclaw - Nuh Worry Your Mind
7. Mr. Raggamonica - Fisherman Melody
8. Gregory Isaacs - Spot And Beat The Bank
9. Ricky Chaplin - Behold Jah Live
10. Lucan I - Nine To Five
11. Al Pancho - Enjoy Your Blessings
12. The Upsetters - Bring The Mackaback (Dub)


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