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JUNIOR REID (b. 1965 - )


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1984-1985 - Greensleeves - studio - discs:1

Delroy Reid was born in Waterhouse area (Kingston) in 1965. In 1977 Delroy met his friend Lacksley Castell. They soon met Hugh Mundell that sadly died in 1983. In 1979 he was fourteen years old and Hugh Mundell produced his first hit called "Speak The Truth". The single was released on Augustus Pablo's Rockers International label. Another hit produced by Mundell was "Know Myself" (1981). Subsequently Delroy teamed up with Sammy Tracy and Terry McDermott to form the group Voice Of Progress. This experience did not last long and he moved to Sugar Minott's Youthman Promotion label to cut some singles. Later he met Prince Jammy and he cut the classic "Boom Shack A Lack" (rhythm based on Ini Kamoze's "World A Music". An album with the same name followed. In 1986 he replaced Michael Rose in Black Uhuru singing with them for two albums. Around the same time he started his own label called JR. The first single released by the label was Barrington Levy's "Nah Go Settle Down". The present set was mixed by Soljie Hamilton and Jammy and recorded at Channel One studios with the High Times Band providing the music. Here there are some interesting Dancehall tracks. Delroy is strong on most of them and is surely recommended to check these songs (but avoid the embarrassing "False Rumours").

1. Boom Shack A Lack
2. Cross Over The Border
3. Mother Move
4. Big Timer
5. Row Your Boat
6. There Will Be No Darkness
7. Drink Out Me Royalty
8. Strange Things
9. Sitting In The Park
10. False Rumours
11.Old Time Something
12. Boom Shack A Lack (12" Mix)

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