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INI KAMOZE (b. 1957 - )

DEBUT / Includes: INI KAMOZE (1984)

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1984-1986 - Hottis Music Group - studio - discs:2

For the newcomers, Ini Kamoze (born Cecil Campbell in 1957) is strictly linked to Damian Marley' 2005 version of "World A Music". But Ini is of course much more. His first success came with the Sly & Robbie produced hit "Trouble You A Trouble Me" in 1984. The artists-producers were introduced to Ini by Jimmy Cliff, who played a tape of six tracks that will be later issued as his debut set. The set presented these tracks (plus their Dubs): "Trouble You A Trouble Me", "World-A-Music", "Them Thing Deh", "General", "Wings With Me" and "Hail Me Idrin". This five stars set was originally recorded at Channel One and engineered by Soljie Hamilton and of course produced by the Rhythm Twins. The musicians were Sly Dunbar (drums), Robbie Shakespeare (bass), Willie Lindo (guitar) and Robert Lynn (piano). The quality of this set was maybe never surpassed even if he contined to deliver some great music and great lyrichs too. The original "Debut" set is perfect mid 80's Dancehall and Roots spiced music from a unique voice. From my point of view "World-A-Music" is really a super killer hit. I was there when Mr. David Rodigan said that this is one of the best riddims of the 80's! The present double-disc anthology presents all six original tracks. As with the "bonus" material added some titles are slightly changed, so do not be puzzled, listen and you will link the track to its original. The rest of the compilation comes from different sources. From the "Statement" set (also from 1984) come the following tracks: "Settle With Me", "Jump For Jah", "Call The Police", "Taxi For Me", "England Be Nice" and "Live A Little Love". This set was also produced by the Rhythm Twins and cut at Channel One. From "Pirate" (1986) comes: "Pirate", "Betty Brown's Mother", "Queen Of My House", "Gunshot", "Burnin'" and "Pull The Cork". I have to admit that I do not know where the remaining seven studio tracks come from. These are: "Statement", "Living In A Dream", "Ital", "Gimme Your Attention", "Taxi", the stellar Roots of "World Affairs" (his first recorded song, written as a tribute to Bob Marley after this premature death) and finally "Trainers Choice".

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