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BIM SHERMAN (b. 1950 or 1952 - † 2000)


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1974-1979 - Pressure Sounds - studio - discs:1

Bim Sherman (1950 or 1952 ? - 2000) (also known as Lloyd Tomlinson or Jarret Vincent) was born in the Parish of Westmoreland. Since his early days he sung in chunch. By the early 70's Bim as many others searching for a better life moved to Kingston. The introspective Sherman started his real career cutting a 7" called "100 Years" and after that "Love Forever" (these tracks will appear in the "Love Forever" album). Working with his friend Bob West, Bim released his material through his three labels: Scorpio, Sun Dew and Red Sea. Bim's only Lp released in Jamaica was called "Lovers Leap". The present set covering a period of five years (1974 - 1979) contains some of his best and rarest material. Songs that once they appeared were never reissued. The vocals collected here are: "Ital West" (aka "Dispensation"), "Danger", "Love Forever", "Tribulation", "Golden Stool", "Just Can’t Stand It", "Weak Heart Men", "Trying", "World Go Round", "Golden Locks", "My Woman", and "Lovers Leap". Beside these songs there are various Dub versions, alternate mixes and two collaborations, the first with Jah Woosh and the second with Big Joe. All the tracks in this compilation were produced and arranged by Sherman, who distinctively always tried and succeded to keep his independence with the result of controlling completely his releases. The material was recorded in different Studios (Channel One, King Tubbys', Randy's and Treasure Isle) and with three different backing groups (The Gladiators, the Roots Radics and the Soul Syndicate) plus different musicians called for a specific session. The engineers were: Ernest Hoo Kim, Stanley "Barnabas" Bryan, Osbourne "King Tubby" Ruddock, Lloyd "Prince Jammy" James, Dennis Thompson, Errol "Errol T" Thompson, Errol Brown. Great heartfelt Roots music delivered from some of the top musicians around at the time, great arrangements, meditative lyrics. Do not forget the golden years of Bim.

1. Ital West (Aka Dispensation)
2. Ital West Dub
3. Danger
4. Love Forever (Vocal)
5. Love In The Ghetto (featuring Jah Woosh)
6. Love Forever Dub
7. Tribulation (Original 1975 Mix)
8. Golden Stool
9. Golden Stool Dub
10. Just Can't Stand It
11. Weak Heart Men
12. Weak Heart Men Dub
13. Trying
14. World Go Round
15. Everywhere You Go
16. Golden Locks
17. Golden Locks Dub
18. Natty Cale (featuring Big Joe)
19. Leggo Natty Cale
20. My Woman
21. My Woman Part 2
22. Lovers Leap
23. Lovers Leap Part




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