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CLANCY ECCLES (b. 1940 - † 2005)


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1967-1973 - Trojan - studio - discs:2

This compilation from Trojan covers a crucial period for the Jamaican music: the transition from Rocksteady to Reggae. Clancy Eccles (1940-2005) was both a singer and producer, and the songs presented here are both from him and other singers. His debut was with "Freedom", a song recorded by Coxsone Dodd in 1959. The song was instantly a hit but was manipulated from the politicians. A lot of them did not agree with the proposal for a Federation of the West Indies, and turned instead to look for independence from Great Britain. In 1961 Eccles left Dodd to promote concerts on his own. By late 1966 he started his own Clandisc label. In collaboration with Lee "Scratch" Perry he turned to the transforming new sound: Reggae. It is common say that Eccles named the new sounds adapting the term "Streggae" (woman of loose morals) to describe the new mood. The first hits were Eric Morris "Say What You Are Saying", Clancy's "Feel The Rhythm" and "Fatty Fatty", King Stitt's "Fire Corner", "Vigorton Two" and many many others. These songs are only to name a few but actually by the end of the decade Eccles was working with almost everyone. Clancy claims the title of King Of Reggae and from certain point of view it is abolutely right. The most important musicians and innovators that worked with him were The Dynamites: Ernest Ranglin (guitar), Aubrey Adams (keyboards), Jackie Jackson (bass), Gladstone Anderson (keyboards), Hux Brown and Ranny Bop (guitars). Plus Winston Grennan and Hugh Malcolm on drums. Eccles became politically involved with the PNP party too for the election campaign in 1971 supporting Michael Manley. Dissatisfied from how things were brought on by the politicians he quit every relationship. He continued in the early 70's to produce some important and innovative material. Later he got back to promoting groups and the re-issue of his early productions. This huge two discs compilations (56 tracks!) puts in the right light one of the great producers and innovators of that wonderful period of the jamaican music when from Rocksteady some new sound was emerging: Reggae music!


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