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1969-1985 - Trojan - studio - discs:1

Winston Groovy is considered one of the founding fathers of Reggae in the UK. Winston Tucker was born in 1946 in Kingston, Jamaica. While growing up he listened to the Sound System of Duke Reid, Coxsone Dodd and King Edwards, along with the American R&B. His debut was cut for Edwards, but it was not released and only used for the Sound System. In 1961 Winston reached his father in Birmingham, UK. Once in town he begun studying electrical engineering but the music was since then the first call. His first group was The Ebonites. After this experience he moved to London were he met the great Ska artist Laurel Aitken and recorded with him a track called "Island In The Sun". He changed his name to Winston Groovy. The artistic relationship with Aitken brought a lot of singles for the Palmer Brothers label Pama. A hit from 1970 was "Please Don't Make Me Cry", cut for Lloyd Briscoe' Hot Rod label. In 1971 Winston started to produce his own material. His first production, "I Want To Be Loved" (which is available here) was released in Jamaica too and it was well acclaimed. The hits in Britain followed one after another and in the meantime Winston had a large success in the venues too. During these years Winston worked regularly in Trojan's Muzik City record shop in Lewisham and Pama's record shop in Peckham Rye too. In 1974 Winston signed with Trojan Records were he was produced by Webster Shrowder and Sidney Crooks. During the 70's he produced himself. During the 80's he kept recording even if at lesser extent. This twentyfive tracks compilation basecally covers his golden age with twentyone songs from 1969 to the late 70's, plus four songs from the 80's. The most interesting songs are those from the beginning to the early 70's were there is still the simple Jamaican flavour in the compositions. The other tracks fail on being too much 70's Pop oriented. And maybe it is not coincidence that later UB40 will pick a lot of material from Groovy.

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