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1967-1968 - Pressure Sounds - studio - discs:1

The origins of this Rocksteady super-group was formed in 1966 when Keith "Slim" Smith and Franklyn White left Winston Riley's Techniques and joined Roy Shirley. This was the first incarnation of the group. For a brief moment Roy and "Slim" recorded separately from the group. In 1967 the Uniques was formed by Jimmy Riley, Lloyd "Charmers" Tyrell and Smith. Here begun their collaboration with the producer Bunny "Striker" Lee. Lloyd "Charmers" Tyrell came from The Charmers, and later he produced two classics of the Jamaican music: Ken Boothe's "Everything I Own" and Delroy Wilson's "I'm Still Waiting". During his career he had sung with also with The Sensations (with Cornell Campbell and Harold Davis) and The Techniques. The Uniques lasted just for a couple of years, and in 1972 Smith left the group to start a solo career. His fragile mental conditions led him to Kingston's Bellevue Sanatorium. He died in 1973. The powerful material presented here was produced by Bunny Lee with the exception of "Out Of Love" produced by the group. The songs were recorded at Federal Studios and Dynamic Studio. This is pure Rocksteady spiced by the unique, heartfelt and delicate voice of the great and late Keith "Slim" Smith.

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