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1977-1978 - Honest Jons Records - studio - discs:1

"The Light Of Saba" is an ensamble created by the legendary Cedric "Im" Brooks with the intention to merge pure Rastafari Nyahbingi drumming with African drumming. Cedric's musical influences before shapeing the music he is remembered for, had always been Jazz giants as John Coltrane, Pharoah Sanders, Sonny Rollins and especially Sun Ra. After "The Mystic Revelation Of Rastafari" experience with Count Ossie, around 1975 Brooks started to gather a large group of different musicians around the Ethiopian Orthodox Church. He named this musical project "The Divine Light". Under suggestion of the Church the group was given a new name with less religious content: the new name was "The Light Of Saba". The music delivered shifts between African elements, Cuban sounds, Jazz and Nyahbingi drumming; with the whole thing mixed inside some often complex musical textures. With the exemption of the more traditional sounds on some tracks, the music here flows free from any encapsulating definition. Again as with other projects from Brooks, the visual rendition is open and wide. The Jazz side of Reggae.

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