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1966-1986 - Heartbeat - studio - discs:1

The Ethiopians were Leonard Dillon, Stephen Taylor and Aston Morris. In 1965 Dillon had recorded a couple of singles as Jack Sparrow. The next year he met Taylor and Morris, forming the Ethiopians, and they cut some songs for Clement Dodd. Soon Morris left and they continued as a duo, cutting for Sonia Pottinger. As Reggae came up they cut for J.J. Johnson and many other producers. In 1975 Taylor died in a car incident but Dillon kept recording. The Ethiopians, even if sometimes overlooked as some kind of deep "retro" and very nostalgic sounds group, had been firmly present when the music from Ska, passed through Rocksteady to became Reggae. A sort of "out of time" attitude can be appreciated throughout this entire set. Listen, for example, to "Incessantly" or "Cherry Pee" and guess when they were recorded. After the first listening, one would say late 60's. No! Those tracks were recorded around 1985 / 1986! The epocal (historically speaking) Wayne Smith's "Under Mi Sleng Teng", with its digital revolution, was there; but the changes occurring by that time did not effect at all Dillon's approach to nusic. Standing firmly faithful to the old sounds through his career was a sign of great strength. This attitude throughout twenty years can be appreciated while listening to this fifteen tracks CD. The track "Owner Fe De Yard", actually recorded around 1978-79 (!), with its horns underlining the rhythm brings back and suggests an almost pre-Early Roots atmosphere. "I'll Never Get Burned" is at the same time an "out of time" track. Recorded in 1974 it brings a pattern that belongs to many years early. Some sort of sounds will always survive.

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