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2006 - VP - studio - discs:1

Tarrus Riley is the son of Jimmy Riley, an artist that was a member of The Sensations and later of The Uniques along with Slim Smith. He started his career as a deejay under the name Taurus. In 2005 appeared his debut set called "Challenges" and after that he changed his name to Tarrus. In the meantime his lyrics got more conscious and meditative. The present set compiles some own written melodies but also contains some versions based on other artists rhythms. As with "Beware" versioning Half Pint's "Political Friction", "System Set" versioning Luciano's "Give Praise" and "One Two Order" based on Prince Alla "Stone". The material featured here is Conscious Roots with no particular concession to harder sounds. This highly acclaimed set clearly demonstrates through its lyrics Taurus social concerns and his peaceful message. Not all is that great, though. As often happens nowadays a CD allows a lot of space for sometimes too many tracks. The result is that some tracks seem inappropriate if compared to the interesting level of most tracks. In any case there are some gems here. A set to be explored slowly. A great writer that sometimes is not supported by the desired music.

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