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1975-1978 - Blood and Fire - studio - discs:1

The early "Steppers" style is presented here thanks to the producer Glen Brown. His productions rather than stay firmly on the "Steppers" pure side, added a Roots ingredient and maybe for this reason he did not gained a large success. But the results were often of very high quality. Among the artists that Brown produced Sylford Walker was the most prolific. He recorded some material for Joe Gibbs but the most important one was under Brown. The material recorded by the mid 70's was unfortunately released as an entire album only in 1988 under the name "Lamb's Bread". Now Blood and Fire releases the album again with six additional songs from the deejay Welton Irie. Now is the case to spend a few more words on this release. This can be considered a double release so let's start from Walker. All the songs here are versions from previous productions from Brown. Walker style is precise and his songs are filled with Roots vibes on righteous lyrics. All are pretty strong tunes. The final touch on these eight songs was added by the great engineering skills from no less than King Tubby. Sylford was not a prolific artist and there is really few material available but this stands as high quality music. The added material are six songs from the DJ Wenton Irie and are a perfect companion to the Walker's "originals". His style is quite interesting and it is quite a pity that only such a few songs are presented here. From my point of view the gem here comes from him with the straight denounce of the ghetto strugglers condition in "Ghettoman Corner". Thanks again to Blood and Fire which is brave enough to release some music that otherwise would be almost forgotten. (Read the stars as 4 for Sylford Walker and 3 for Welton Irie).

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