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SUSAN CADOGAN (b. 1951 - )


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1975 - Trojan - studio - discs:1

Alison Anne Cadogan was born in Saint Andrew parish in 1951. A friend brought her to the Lee "Scratch" Perry's Black Ark Studio (ne less!) for a recording session in the summer of 1974. She recorded a song called "Love My Life" which did not get much success. But Perry was impressed by Anne husky voice and made her recording "Hurt So Good", which was a hit from the American Soul singer Millie Jackson. Perry's mixed the recipe with perfect arrangements to get that Roots taste. He changed Anne's name in Susan and "Hurt So Good", backed by the Mighty Diamonds, was followed by a dozen of other recordings. The song was not a big success but it became immediately a hit in London. Perry recorded even an Upsetter dub version called "Loving Is Good" (present here among the nine bonus tracks). For some labels dealings problems a legal battle strarted up with the intention to claify who was the owner of the rights of the song. This cut her business relationship with Scratch and it almost ended her career. Finally in 1977 the debut album was released. This set is an interesting mix of pop and Upsetters sounds and Susan voice is marvellous: seductive and captivating. This released contains nine bonus tracks with different cuts of the "Fever" rhythm from Junior Byles, Milton Henry, Jah T, Augustus Pablo and the Upsetters. Susan came back to a recording studio by the early 80's. She must be remembered as one of the most interesting female voices of the 70's.


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