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1994 - Heartbeat - studio - discs:1

Sister Carol, born Carole East, was raised in Kingston. In 1973, when she was fourteen her family moved to Brooklyn (NY). She has worked in movies, recorded albums, made television appearances and got a Grammy nomination for her 1996 release, "Lyrically Potent" (if Grammies along with Oscars awards mean something... In any case not for me). Her mentor and friend DJ Brigadier Jerry introduced her to the music business. Sister Carol main field is Dancehall - Dj singing. Her first two records were "Liberation for Africa" and "Black Cinderalla". In a musical realm dominated by male performers, she has recorded some good conscious tunes. Here her basic sound is Dancehall oriented with some embarassingly hip-hop tracks. Skipping them there are even some sort of interesting Roots flavoured songs: "Blackman Time" and "Ital Jacuzzi" (it would be interesting to know where the natural springs to go for a reivigorating bath are in New York... never heared about them). The American musical influence is highly present, with the result of grabbing away and consequently eraseing a more pure Jamaican vibe which is missing. What is left is Dancehall, American influenced, from a great voice. Interesting or disappointing, it depends on how much hardcore fan of the original Jamaican sounds you are. I expected more.

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