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SEAN PAUL (1973 - )


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2006 - VP - studio - discs: 1

Sean Paul, the Dancehall hitmaker, was born Sean Paul Henriques in 1973 in Jamaica. In 1996 he released his debut single "Baby Girl" for Jeremy Harding. Some other hits followed: "Nah Get No Bly", "Deport Them", "Excite Me", "Infiltrate" and "Hackle Mi". It seems that his main influence was Super Cat. His first success outside Jamaica came from the US market. He released his debut set in 2000 "Stage One". "Dutty Rock" (2002) was his big hits set that made him known worldwide. I am not particularly interested in Dancehall, but this set is something that I am able to appreciate. Maybe this is due to the fact that the main mood is quite soft if compared to other more hardcore Dancehall artists around. The album works quite well since it contains almost one hit after another. On the other hand the songs resemble each other a little bit too much. It is like a very good working formula repeated for eighteen times, that is the number of the tracks. I have never listened to the acclaimed "Dutty Rock" set, but I heard that that one is tougher and far less commercial, therefore tougher and more powerful. In any case it is for sure that "The Trinity" presents a very confident artist and this album will not fail to convice even the old school purists as me. From my point of view the best tracks are: "Yardie Bone", featuring Wayne Marshall for a quite New Roots styled track; the same is for "Never Gonna Be The Same". The rest is as described above.

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