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1982 - Hitbound Records - studio - discs:1

When in 1979 the legendary Joseph "Joe Joe" Hookim's Channel One Studio was reinvigorated by a new sixteen track board some great music was recorded there. Some years later in 1983-1984 two seminal figures were responsible for the great renaissance of the Studio: Winston "Niney The Observer" Holness and Hopeton "Scientist" Brown. In the mean time the Roots Radics backed the artists involved in the recordings, adding a new shine to the rhythms used. Two years early a technician that will become a helper of Niney, Soljie, engineered and produced Sammy Dread's debut set "Road Block". The title track was his greatest success and the rest of the material is a good example of how vintage rhythms had still something to offer once they were manipulated adopting the new Dancehall sounds approach. The high peaks are "So Long" and "In A Man's Heart". The gem is "Come Back Darling". All are quite slow Dancehall songs that still shine after twentyfive years.

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