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ROD TAYLOR (b. 1957 - )


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1980 - Greensleeves - studio - discs:1

Rod Taylor was born in Trenchtown, Kinston 12, Jamaica, on March 2nd 1957. His Jamaican name is Rocky T (and also “Rock-stone”). He tried to start his career auditioning for Sir Coxsone Dodd and Joe Gibbs, then he sang with a group called the Aliens with Barry Brown. But the real debut came with the singles "Bad Man Comes And Goes" and "Every Little Thing" cut for Ossie Hibbert. The late 70's were approaching and Rod was encouraged by Sugar Minott and Tony Tuff (member of the African Brothers) to enter the Dancehall scene with famous Sound Systems as Kenyatta, Tippatone, Socialist Roots, Gemini, Kilimanjaro, Sturgav, Youthman Promotion and Stereophonic (where he shared a microphone with the late General Echo). The response was more than good. Around 1978 he cut some strong singles (as "Ethiopians Kings", "In The Right Way" and "Don’t Give It Up") for the Feedom Sound label. This label was run by Bertram Brown (born 1n 1950). He used to record at Channel One and Randy's, and then mix the tracks at King Tubby's. Taylor's conscious approach to the emerging Dancehall sounds found a perfect partner in Brown and the material cut together is really powerful. Subsequently he worked for the late Prince Far I, Prince Hammer, Don Mais, Manzie’s and JBC legendary radio announcer Mikey Dread. With the latter came the successful "His Imperial Majesty". Around this period Taylor recorded a long playing for Sugar Minott’s Youth promotion label, but it was never released. In 1980 appeared an album called "If Jah Should Come Now" (Little Luke label). This was followed by the set presented here: "Where Is Your Love Mankind". In 1981 he played a powerful set at the Some singles and a set followed but the latter was soon fogotten. At this point Rod retired to become a farmer. Later he moved to Europe and now is back with some strong material. "Where Is Your Love Mankind" is a quite powerful and interesting set. On ten tracks more than a half are very good. The list of the whole set reads: "Where Is Your Love Mankind", "Mr. Money Man", "Give Me Your Love Forever", "Lazy Women", "Yes We're Gonna Get Over", "True History", "Them Top Ranking", "Lonely Lonely Lonely", "Stand Up Firm" and "Arleen". The backing band are The Roots Radics: Sly Dunbar, Lincoln Valentine Scott (also known as Style Rattadam or Style Scott), Carlton "Santa" Davis (drums); Errol "Flabba" Holt (bass); Eric "Bingy Bunny" Lamont (rhythm guitar); Noel Barkley (also known as Noel Bailey, Sewell, Noel Sewell or simply Sowell) (guitar); Steele (also known as Wycliffe Steely Johnson, or Steelie Johnson) and Ansel Collins (organ); Gladstone Anderson (piano); Bobby Ellis (trumpet); Headley Benett (saxophone); Val Bennett (trombone); Bongo Herman, Christopher "Sky Juice" Burt and Uziah "Sticky" Thompson (percussions); Jimmy Becker (melodica). The set was cut at Channel One and mixed at King Tubby's. The two final figures responsible for this strong set are Scientist at the mixing board of King Tubby, and the producer. His name says it all: Henry Junjo Lawes. Remember Rod Taylor!

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