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1981-1982 - Greensleeves - studio - discs: 1

The producer Henry "Junjo" Lawes was a seminal figure inside the early 80's Dancehall scene. Almost all the most important deejays recorded for him. Among these artists there was Ranking Toyan, a deejay from the Socialist Roots and Romantic Hi-Fi Sound Systems. Toyan was never able to reproduce on record his live toasting abilities in the studio, and this release is considered his best effort. Working on material from Johnny Osbourne, Michael Prophet (the title track) and the Wailing Souls, among the others, this set is the nearest thing to one of his live performances by a Sound System. The chosen rhythms are in the most cases great ones. Toyan is quite confident over the music delivered by the Roots Radics and the final masterful chemistry of the Scientist's sounds. The set was recorded at Channel One. This edition has five bonus tracks, also recorded at Channel One, but mixed by Anthony "Soljie" Hamilton. These bonus tracks have already appeared in the "DJ Clash - Nicodemus v Toyan" Greensleeve LP. For what I am concerned "How The West Was Won" is not an essential set. On the other side do not miss it if you are a hardcore fan of the early 80's deejay style.

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