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2004 - Nocturne - studio - discs:1

Queen Omega is from San Fernando in Trinidad (Trinidad & Tobago). She started to perform at the age of nine. Even if traditional music of Trinidad was her most prominent influence, Reggae was there in the background waiting to come to the surface. The sounds started to change along with her spiritual beliefs. Rastafari brought "reality" lyrichs and Roots vibes. On a trip to Jamaica with the Solomon Band where she performed at the Caribbean Music Expo in late 2000 she met the producer Mickey D, who brought her to London for sessions that resulted in her debut set, "Queen Omega". Some singles followed and most importantly her second album titled "Pure Love". In 2004 Jet Star label released "Away From Babylon", Queen Omega's third set. These albums set her on top. "Destiny" clearly demonstrates what Queen Omega is able to deliver: her voice is highly confident, powerful and straight; the lyrichs are conscious and Rastafari filled; the music is contemporary strong Roots. What must be rebembered is that this artist is a female! Inside a male controlled musical realm, she stands firm and able to show that female voices are able to shine as well as their male counterparts. I highly recommend this set for those sceptical about the sistrens singing in our days. Queen Omega deliveres the vibes.


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