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2015 - Mr Bongo- studio - discs:1

Protoje is born Oje Ken Ollivierre on June 14th 1981 in in Saint Elizabeth parish. He is the son of singer Lorna Bennett, best known for her 1972 rendition of "Breakfast in Bed" a former calypso singer called Mike Ollivierre from Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean. In other words music in the DNA. After a hip-hop flavoured start in 2005. Five later he began working with Don Corleon Records, run by his cousin and popular Jamaican producer Don Corleon. After a couple of singles, his debut album called "The Seven Year Itch" was released the following year. He started to get the delivered attention from the Jamaican public with "Rasta Love", a single from the same album featuring Ky-Mani Marley. His second album, "The 8 Year Affair", was released in 2013. "Kingston Be Wise", a very deep and powerful track, versioning Ini Kamoze's "England Be Nice" was an international hit. So here we are with his third effort: a very interesting, powerful and "Comscious Reggae" set with spectacular lyrichs. "Conscious" means something, at the end! The set opens with "Protection", slow but not easy and featuring Mortimer. Fire blazin' with the second song, "Criminal" , a pearl. It's not over here, the third track is hyper powerful "Who Knows" featuring Chronixx. Actually it is more a two artists song than a simple appearence from the stellar guest. Maybe the peak here. Follows "All Will Have A Chance", with lyrichs no less interesting but with a rythm a bit slower. Fifth track: "Stylin'", with a sulphurous vibe, rounded riddim. The sixth track features the beautiful voice of Sevana (a protegè of Protoje) and it's called "Love Gone Cold". Beautiful lyrichs with Protoje and Sevana going back and forth, acuusing, loving, declaring, describing each other. At the end a marvellous love song on a strong and mesmerizing rythm. Not Reggae at 100%, all the time, but it's a guilty pleasure. Follows "Sudden Flight" featuring again Sevana plus Jesse Royal. It's very Rub A Dub. Have fun. Follows "Bubblin'", versioning Zap Pow's hit from 1978. Musically speaking, some fun with Prince Buster's "Answer To Your Name". Fast, uncompromising, beautiful. The tenth song is "Who Can Call You", with typical Protoje atmosphere. In any case a very good track, fast as he likes. The set closes with "The Flame" featuring the great Kabaka Pyramid. Again, I would say that it's not exactly among the high peaks of the album, but it's a very good song indeed. So at the end, what do we have here? So far, I only own this third album from Protoje, heard the two previous ones, but not the two following ones. This is so far the more powerful, developed and interesting one. Hopefully, I'll confirm with the following albums that this is one of the great new Voices from Jamaica from the recent times. I am sure that I'll do it. The album was produced by Winta James and recorded mainly at 2Hard Studios and Taff Gong Studios (Kingston, JA) and mixed elesewhere. A fantastic set. Enjoy.

01. Protection (ft. Mortimer)
02. Criminal
03. Who Knows (feat. Chronixx)
04. All Will Have A Chance
05. Stylin'
06. Love Gone Cold (feat. Sevana)
07. Sudden Flight (feat. Jesse Royal & Sevana)
08. Bubblin'
09. Answer To Your Name
10. Who Can Call You
11. The Flame (ft. Kabaka Pyramid)





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