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1982-1990 - RAS - studio - discs: 1

It is time for some quite classic Roots music from the Jamaican Peter Broggs. Now let us see who Mr. Henry James is. His first album "Progressive Youth" was released in 1979. The set was produced Bingy Bunny (a member of the Roots Radics backing band), recorded at Channel One, mixed at King Tubby's and engineered by Scientist. Not bad as a debut reference. After this set he met the producer Dr. Dread (from Washington, DC, USA) in Jamaica and the result was Dr. Dread's new label (RAS) first release: the "Rastafari Liveth" album (1982). In 1985 "Rise And Shine" followed, again for RAS. Two other sets for RAS followed: "Cease The War" (1987) and "Reasoning" (1990). The present set is a compilation of songs taken from these RAS four sets. There are four songs from "Rastafari Liveth", three from "Rise And Shine", three from "Cease The War" and three from "Reasoning". This means that here there is quite material to appreciate Peter Broggs skills both as songwriter and singer. Peter is a devoted Rastaman and this is immediately clear once listening to his profound lyrics. The songs are all very committed Roots songs. The more engaging and deep are: "Rastafari Liveth"; "You've Got To Be Wise"; "Jah Jah Voice Is Calling"; "Rastaman Chant Nyahbingi", the stronger deep and dark Roots tune here; "Just Because I'm A Rastaman", again a strong declaration about Peter's side as a devoted Rastaman sung over a deep Roots rhythm; "International Farmer", pure dark Roots. This artist must not be forgotten. This is a strong compilation. He deserves the proper respect as a great Roots man.

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