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PERFECT (b. 1977 - )


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2006 - DHF Records - studio - discs:1

Greg "Perfect" Rose (1977) hit the target in 2004 with his debut 7" ""Hand Cart Boy": a perfect tune indeed to get some attention. And it got it. In summer 2006 DHF Records (Austria!) releases his debut album. Here are presented some previously released tunes plus some new ones. This is a quite strong album full of energy that clearly demonstrates Perfect talent. The mood is basecally "Conscious Roots" with some incursion in Dancehall ("Nuh Badda Mi" and "Hit Dem"). Let's say 90% Roots, at the end. And these tunes are good. The set opens with the slow and powerful "Tyme", follows "Market Place" strong a well. "Hand Cart Boy" is a love song (but not Lovers Rock!) about the relationship between a poor Bobo Ashanti hand cart bwoy and a girl from a richer family. His song is very autobiographical. "Wingless Earth Angel" is another Conscious tune as "Amerimaka" which speaks about the duplicity inside the immigration system in the USA. "Gansters" accuses the bad men eating from the poor's plates. "Black Marcus" inna Nyahbinghi style wants to remind to everyone how now is still important the Marcus Garvey thought. "All I've Got" asks for more tolerance from the Police about the ganja issue. To conclude these comments I want to remind the two best tunes here: "Rasta Rebel" and "Little Old Lady". The first is a great Roots tune about black people, segregation and Rastafari. A beautiful song. The latter is a heart breaking song about the real respect that the elders must receive. This set is a strong start for a new artist. Not to be missed.

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