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PATO BANTON (b. 1961 - )


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1988-1996 - Virgin - studio - discs:1

Patrick Murray (London, 1961) was raised in Birmingham where his Jamaican father was a deejay. He soon started to work for leading Sound Systems. At twenty he cut his first single and soon after his first album “Mad Professor Captures Pato Banton”, followed by “Never Give In!” in 1988. Pato’s third album, “Visions of the World” was released in 1989. Other sets followed, along with live performances around the world. This collection is a "best of", but frankly if this is the best it does not satisfies me at all. Shifting between poor commercial easy Reggae and pop (as with the ridiculous version of Gordon Summer's "Spirits In The Material World" or "Roots, Rock, Reggae") the result is that of an uncertain artist. What can be saved are: "Don't Sniff Coke" and "Stay Positive". The rest is like when you go to someone's house for a so called party and the host turns on his hi-fi to play some music. And smiling he says "Ok, now it's time for Reggae, let's have some fun". Help me Jah to leave this place as soon as possible! Fufu music. Remove ya!


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