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1977-1980 - ROT - studio - discs:1

Pablo Gad's "The Best Of" is a very strong compilation from an almost forgot British artist that appeared for a very short period between the end of the 70's and the beginning of the 80's. This set contains some material cut between 1977 and 1980. As far as I am informed Pablo recorded and released two LPs and a collection of Disco mixes: "Trafalgar Square" (1979) also known as "Blood Suckers", "Hard Times" (1980) and the Disco Mix collection called "Blood Suckers- Showcase" (1983 ). The present compilation contains four Disco Mixes and three songs followed by their Dub version. To be more precise here follows the list of the tracks presented here (as stated on the back cover, with what I suppose to be the sources in parenthesis): "Blood Sucker" (Disco Mix from "Blood Suckers- Showcase"); "Oh Jah" (Disco Mix; originally a 12"); "Gun Fever" plus "Gun Fever (Dub)" (probably both released as one single); "Hard Times" plus "Hard Times (Dub)" (with the former from "Hard Times" and the latter as a separate release); "Sad Mistake" (Disco Mix) (probably originally a 12"); "Crisis" (Disco Mix) (probably originally a 12"); "Begger Man Child" and "Begga Dub" (probably originally a 12"). Yes I know, there is a lot of "probably this, probably that...". But even the best books about Reggae history lack the necessary informations about this artist and his efforts. To add some more confusion this release writes eight tracks on its back cover, but once you reach that number, you will see that the number proceedes up to number ten. This happened with my copy. Pablo himself produced this set (again referring to the back cover) but there are not any informations about where the material was recorded. The following names are reported for what concern the players involved: Tony Douglas, Ras Emry Asher, Sister Simson and Keith Douglas (backing vocals); Desmond Mahoney and Scaul Off (drums); Elroy Bailey and Hughie Issachar (bass); Chris Scale and Hughie Issachar (guitar); Mark Lusardi (synthesiser); Ras Ojamba (organ); Soloman Judah (horns). What we can find here is strong (and sometimes very very deep) British Roots music. The careful listeners will recognize a British Roots Reggae touch here and there but the global feeling sounds quite "Jamaican". Far away from his contemporary British artists as Aswad or Steel Pulse, Pablo Gad runs freely alone to deliver meditative lyrics and mesmerizing music. Don't forget Pablo!

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