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2003-2005 - Greensleeves - studio - discs:1

Nasio Fontaine was born in Dominica and rised with Calypso, Soca and Zouk. In 1981 Nasio moved to St. Maarten were he discovered Reggae and Rastafari. His debut came in 1986, when he recorded his first single “Born to Be Free”. Another came in 1990 with “Babylon Is Falling”. "Rise Up" is a collection of tracks taken from his four albums released so far: "Reggae Power" (1994), "Revolution" (1999), "Living In The Positive" (2003) and "Universal Cry" (2006). As sometimes happens the "Best Of..." compilations contain what "they" (the label) think is the best material, and considering that I only listened to this set, my impressions are partial. Unfortunately I am not particularly impressed, except for a few tracks only. Here Nasio shifts between some very good Roots Reggae and some poor American pop oriented sounds just slightly spiced with what we are used to call Reggae. Again, this is the first time that I appoach him but I heared very good comments on him. Unfortunately tracks as "Rise Up" are embarassing or as with "When" the material delivered is heartfelt but is not Reggae. What is good are "Living In The Positive", "Africa We Love", "African Spirit" and "Apple". The rest is average and simple contemporary Reggae. Anything special. I hope to be back after listening to some complete releases, but up to now I am not enlighted. Do not live on your expectations.

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