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1997 - Rastafaria - studio - discs:1

"Time is not counted from daylight, but from Midnite". This is the motto from this incredibly strong band from St. Croix, US Virgin Islands. If this statement means a new start, no words would have been more appropriate. Midnite is Ron Benjamin (keyboards, guitar, back vocals), his brother Vaughn Benjamin (vocals, percussions), Dion Hopkins (drums, percussions) and Joe Straws (bass). What this straight four members group is able to deliver is something magical: pure modern Roots. First class lyrics and music, actually. Deep, heavy, heartfelt, Rastafari filled, raw perfect Roots. Their efforts and the resulting material clearly demonstrates that black men can deliver some great Roots Reggae outside of the homeland of Jah music, Jamaica. Midnite are Rastafarians. After a six years staying in Washington, DC (USA), Midnite came back to St. Croix in 1999. A right move. The Caribbean homeland was the right place to settle down. Far off from Babylon and nearer to Zion. Every single track of this debut set spreads Rastafarian energy. I do not want to mention a particular song. That would be meaningless. This musical building must be explored through its spiritual spaces to be felt completely.

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