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1978 - Shanachie - studio - discs: 1

Marcia Griffiths was not only a member of the Marley back singers group the I-Threes. She was even a successful performer in the 70's and without doubts one of the greatest female singers in Jamaica ever. This set is based on reinterpretations of her Studio One hits from the Rocksteady - early Reggae period. Seven songs on ten are Bob Andy's tracks. Including "Feel Like Jumping" which would later reappear after the original release as the Mytals' hit "54-46 (That's My Number)" under Leslie Kong controls. "Dreamland" is a song from Bunny Wailer. "Lonesome Feeling" is from Bunny and Bob. "Sweet Sensation" is a Melodians tune. The backing musicians are the Revolutionaries and as expected they perform perfectly. This set was produced by Sonia Pottinger. A nostalgic album.

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