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2001 - VP - studio - discs: 1

LMS are part of the big Morgan Family. Basecally they sound as their relatives: Roots spiced from time to time with some Rootsy Dancehall. So the final impression is that of listening to a Morgan Heritage album. No more, no less. The structure of the songs is the same: there is a main voice alternatively backed by the others. As with Morgan Heritage the whole quality is quite high and the tracks are well performed. Besides the Rootsy songs there are some Lovers ones which are the less impressive. Prince Malachi features in "Give The Youth A Chance", a nice Roots track. Morgan Heritage come in help of LMS with "Weh Dem Did Deh" and here is almost impossible to distinguish LMS from their older bredren. This is, in fact, a pure Morgan tune. Mr Mojo adds a unique hip-hop feel to "Jah Lead Our Way": a track to erase. The set was recorded at Anchor Recording Studio in Kingston and was produced by Phillip "Fattis" Burrell (Xterminator Production). The best song, a great song, is the Roots of "Zion Gates".

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