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1975-1981 - Makasound - studio - discs:1

Leroy Brown was born in Kingston, Jamaica. After singing in church at an early age, as so many other artists did, he was discovered by the great Alton Ellis. In the 60's Leroy started singing with The Emotions and the Hippy Boys. In 1971 Leroy moved to Canada where he started The Roys. After that Leroy continued to visit extensively his home country. In Jamaica he recorded "Color Barrier" and other four or five songs in 1975. These recording sessions were held at Duke Reid's Tresure Isle studio, Channel One and King Tubby's. Actually some parts were recorded in Canada too with the final mix made in Kingston. The "Color Barrier" set was originally released as "Prayer Of Peace" in 1976. The original set was made of nine songs. The French Makasound label left out two songs: "Time Of Decision" and "Free For All". The first was eliminated because of "a new piece that we found more interesting" (as their leaflet declares). But unfortunately this is their bloody opinion, not ours! The second because Brown stated that the song was originally created by The Emotions. At the end here we have fifteen songs. There are a lot of great tracks here: "Color Barrier" (both the original track and the 7" horns version featuring Clint Eastwood), "African Roots" and "Prayer Of Peace". The gems are: "What A Fire", "Don't Give Up", "Money Barrier" (both version with a stellar Skully on percussions and the 7" horns version), "Gone Gone" (a 12" version featuring Captain Charghand). This is a set to check since there is just a few material around available from Leroy Brown. This is Roots from an almost forgotten great voice singing his own deep lyrics. Do not miss it.

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