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JUSTIN HINDS (b. 1935 - † 2005)


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2002 - I-Town Records - live - discs: 1

Justin Hinds (1944), with the Dominoes, was among the great artists of the Ska generation. He would later record some strong Roots sets during the 70's as "Jezebel", "Just In Time" and "Travel With Love". He is responsible for the great "Carry Go Bring Come" tune too. Basecally he had the main success during the 60's with Ska and later with Rocksteady, but was confident enough to leave a couple of strong sets in the following decade. He always kept that ska attitude which made his tunes so unforgettable. This live set was recorded at Grassroots Festival (N.Y.) in July 2002. The main tunes here are Ska but he delivers some nice Roots ones too. Here he was fiftyeight years old but he clearly feels that time is an illusion and even if the voice is not as powerfull as it used to be it is still possible to feel and deliver the right vibes. He sings Ska material and Roots too. This set proves that the old school can still teach something: good tunes never die. The quality of the recording is not very high but it is not that bad. "The Rainbow" won't be the best tune thinking about how it is sung but it can be remembered as one of the best of the set. He is backed by the "John Brown's Body" band.

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