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JUNIOR ROSS (b. 1953 - )


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1975-1977 - Blood and Fire - studio - discs:2

Junior Ross was born Clifford Palmer on 7 September 1953 in Kingston. His brother, Roy "Soft" Palmer had collaborated with Prince Alla in the early 70's when they recorded as the Nazarines. Ross started with the single "Babylon Fall", cut for Tapper Zukie. The song gave title to this collection originally released in 1977 and produced by Zukie. Junior recorded as Junior Ross & The Spears too, with Prince Alla, Roy Palmer, Frankie Jones (Junior's brother) and Leroy King helping him. Junior commitment to cultural lyrics is evident in every track of this album. Even if "Babylon Fall" sometimes sounds a little bit monotonous, thanks to the British Blood and Fire label, we have the opportunity to appreciate the efforts of this overlooked artist.

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