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JOHN CLARKE (b. 1950 - )


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1979 - Wackie's - studio - discs:1

John Clarke (no connection with Johnny Clarke) was born in 1950 in Kingston, Jamaica. His first single called "Let's Go The Movies" was released in 1972. One year later he moved to New York where he begun to record for Bullwackie's Studio. In 1975 he hit with "Recession" (cut for Tafari label), a version of Jackie Mittoo's "Big Car". Another hit of the time was "In Search of The Human Race" for Earth label. Both labels were founded by Little Roy along with Lloyd Barnes and Munchie Jackson in 1974. In 1979 Bullwackies released "Visions Of John Clarke" on Makossa label. Late 70's expatriated Jamaican Roots sounds unimpressive with only a few exceptions ("Babylon Spanking" and "Shack Up With You"). The interesting side is the attempted Dub style on some tracks, but in any case we are miles away from the sounds recorded in the Kingston studios at the time.



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1979 - Wackie's - studio - discs:1

"Rootsy Reggae" followed the release of "Visions Of John Clarke" (1979) presenting five tracks from the latter with different mixes and sometimes new instrumentation. Both sets were produced by Bullwackie. More articulated, better inspired and filled with accurate arrangements, "Rootsy Reggae" is good Roots meditative album from the expatriated John Clarke. The strongest tracks are: "Big Leg Mary", "Boss I", the deep "Creator", "Recession", "Wasn’t It You", and "Babylon Spanking".

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