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1978 - Tree Roots - studio - discs: 1

1st track 5:29, 2nd 10:16, 3rd 13:40, 4th 7:43...no more than 37:08 minutes of pure Light. Trevor Sutherland (1946, Manchester, JA), a North London based singer, recorded this classic album in his homeland at Joe Gibbs Studio with Chris Blackwell as producer. This album is something that had never been heard before, nor has been since. Not well acclaimed at the time of his release is now a classic out of the mainstream of those Roots filled years. A unique debut album. The sound is almost jazzy with a stream of textures that come and go from their own Roots spring. At the very first hearing I was transfixed. Rating this masterpiece as a five stars album only half describes it.

1. Jah Heavy Load
2. Jah Is No Secret
3. Zion Hut
4. I Am A Levi



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1979 - Island - studio - discs: 1

33:56 of pure Ijahman. Again a precise and short statement. The set opens with the title track "Are We A Warrior". The mood is that of the debut album "Haile I Hymn": misty Levi's vibes. "Moulding" follows. This is something different. The tune is a Roots bases one with the distinctive Ijahman mellow and jazzy mood. The third track is "The Church". This is another extensive slow Roots tune. "Miss Beverly" follows with the same attitude. "Two Sides Of Love" closes the set with a Lovers atmosphere. This second album from Ijahman apparently sounds as the previous. But the difference lies in a much more present sort of Roots vibe. The print is undoubtly Levi's. At his best. Again!

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