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2005 - VP - studio - discs: 1

The period around 2004 - 2005 gave light to a real conscious Roots reinassence. The most important artists were Richie Spice, Fantan Mojah and I Wayne. Others came after them but it is for sure that the they signed the path. I Wayne is somebody to pay some attention to. Aside from any comments on the music what is here very interesting is his voice. A silky soft beautiful voice that seems to be very confident (listen to the introduction with a single acoustic guitar and you get immediately what I mean: the bwoy has style). More than that he perfectly fits and is able to uplift even the not so impressive tracks as "More Life" or "Grow Proper". The main mood here as stated above is conscious Roots with some Lover's Rock songs and even Nyahbinghi with the beautiful and deep "Kid Artist". The album presents his hits "Living In Love" and "Can't Satisfy Her" and new material. But what is the most amazing thing here is that the music seems sewed around his voice and this is a big up for the producers: Chris Chin, Neil "Diamond" Edwards and Patrick Henry. Here we cannot talk about saving some tunes: all are great. And all help, piece by piece, to build up a strong debut album. The album closes with a song that seems Marvin Gaye transfixed by the Jamaica vibes. And this thanks to the unique voice of the artist called Harmony too. Let's see what comes next but here the start promises and delivers a lot! A very interesting album from an artist that does not need nobody to teach him anything at all. This is really a new voice in Jamaica.

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