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HALF PINT (b. 1962 - )


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1984 - Greensleeves - studio - discs:1

Lindon Roberts was born in Waterhouse area (Kingston) in 1962. In 1983 he cut the succesful single "Winsome" for the duo Errol Lewis and Errol Marshall. At the same time he was playing on Mellow Vibes Hi-Fi and Black Scorpio sound systems. Later around the same year Prince Jammy produced the first serious hits. "Pouchie Lou", "One In A Million", "Money Man Skank" and "Mr Landlord" (versioning "Hypocrites" by the Wailers) hit the streets immediately. The music was provided by The High Times Band. Followed his debut album for the local market was called "Money Man Skank". The following album is the present set called "One In A Million" and released in the UK. This album repeats two tracks from the first set: "Puchie Lue" and "Mr. Landlord". The set was produced by Jammy, mixed by Soljie Hamilton and Jammy and recorded at Channel One studio. This set presents the young and highly confident Roberts performing a couple of strong Dancehall material. The best is for sure the stellar "One Big Ghetto".

1. One In A Million
2.One Big Ghetto
3.You Lick Me First
4. What More Can I Really Do
5. Milky Highway
6. Mr Landlord
7. Roots Man
8. Pick Your Choice
9. Puchie Lou
10. Tell Me Little Girl

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