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2008 - VP - studio - discs:1

Etana was born Shauna McKenzie in August Town, Jamaica. At the age of nine her mother moved to Florida (U.S.A.) bringing Shauna with her. In 2002 Shauna returned to Jamaica settling again in August Town. She started her career with the Fifth Element Records label cutting her debut single called "Wrong Address" soon followed by "Money" and later in 2007 by a song called "Roots". She started touring in the U.S., Europe and Africa. In the special edition of Richie Spice' "In The Streets To Africa" (2007) containing a DVD presenting an acoustic street set, she appeared backing the singer with beautiful harmonies. Around 2007 she founded her label called Free Mind Music. Embracing an Ital approach to life since her return to Jamaica, she is now one of the strongest emerging voices of the contemporary Jamaican music scene. This debut set proves it. Here the recipe is basecally made of contemporary mainsteram sounds often shifting to meditative and delicate atmospheres. Add to this deep conscious lyrics and what you get is a good strong debut set from a highly confident and sweet voice. A lot of tracks are really too much mainstream oriented. So check the more traditional sounds to get the right vibes, as with "Blessings" featuring the Italian now Jamaican based singer Alborosie. In any case this is an artist with a great and beautiful voice to keep an eye on.

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