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1973-1978 - Pressure Sounds - studio - discs:1

Earth & Stone was an harmony duo. In 1972 Albert Bailey and Clifton Howell moved to Brentford Road' Studio One for some early recordings. In 1973 they went to Channel One were they recorded for the producer Joseph Hoo Kim. What came out was a mixture of Lovers and Roots songs, all flavoured by cultural lyrics. This duo, alternating each other on lead and harmony vocals, went through the 70's recording for Channel One. The present set was originally released in 1978 as a double LP with ten vocal songs on one disc and their Dub counterparts on the other. It contains the most important tracks recorded for Joseph Hoo Kim. During those sessions some of the great musicians were emplyed. The list consists of: Santa Davis and Sly Dunbar (drums), Robbie Shakespeare and Fully Fullwood (bass), Earl Chinna and Dougie Bryan (guitar), Ranchie and Tony Chin (rhythm guitar), Gladdy Anderson (piano), Carl Fats and Ansel Collins (organ), Lloyd Kerr (trombone), Chico Hamilton (trumpet), Dean Fraser (saxophone) and Scully Simms & Sticky (percussions). The sessions were engineered by Ernest Hoo Kim, Maxie and Barnabas. My preferred tracks are "False Ruler", "Devil Must Of Made You", "Don't Let Them Fool You" and "Once Bitten Twice Shy". Actually little is known about Earth & Stone. There is another album around called "Back To Africa" (credited to Phillip Frazer and Earth & Stone), released in 1978 and produced by Buster Riley. If the Dubs are not particularly impressive, the ten songs collected here are first class harmony Roots. Meditative and captivating from a misterious great harmony duo.

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